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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    The sound blaster z gaming pack looks interesting. Anyone have any thoughts on the old x-fi titanium vs. the Z? I currently have a logitech 2.1 system and the right speaker wire seems to be going out.
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    Steam sale is live

    Amazon and green man gaming are having sales as well. I've found gmg to be cheaper than steam for most things. Amazons sales seem to mostly be for physical copies weirdly enough.
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    ECS P45T-A 775 pcie problems

    No newer bios available unfortunately, all I got the last time I sent in a support ticket (which I knew would come to nothing) was a bunch of broken english. I know ECS is garbage, believe me :( I bought this a few years ago when there really wasn't anything decent left to buy new, as it had a...
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    ECS P45T-A 775 pcie problems

    I have an old ECS P45T-A mobo that absolutely refuses to boot an nvidia 650Ti past the windows logo once drivers are installed (and it will instantly freeze the display when drivers are installed if you're installing them w/o any installed). I know the card is good because it works fine in the...
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    New to me Freesync Info

    As the owner of a 7970, I too am disappointed. That being said, I've owned this card for over three years, which is a long time for a gpu imo. It's older tech and simply isn't hardware compatible like the newer chips are. It's like getting upset whenever h265 becomes relevant due to not...
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    Streaming MKV's, how are you doing it?

    This, plex and mediabrowser can transcode anything for you, no reason to re-encode anything. 9TB will feel reasonable when you look at what some people do.
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    Considering PSU replacement, need opinions

    Just an update, I got my $15 ATX to 14-pin lenovo adapter from ebay today (expensive for what it was). Turns out the problem was NOT the power supply. I probably should have tried a few more things before I bought it as it increased my total cost from $300 to $355, atleast I I have a halfway...
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    Onkyo 575W, 5.2Channel, 4k, 3d Receiver $250, today only

    Amazon has free shipping on returns and they're generally hassle free. They're the only online retailer I'd buy a monitor from. I had a cheap $180 22 inch come with one stuck pixel and I returned it with them cross-shipping me a new one for free. Just checkmark that it was defective (imo...
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    Off the Shelf NAS or NAS PC

    I know OP isn't in America, but I'd highly recommend something along these lines over a more expensive appliance: Some of your wants go back and forth, which I can understand. One post it seems like you might...
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    HTPC components assistance needed

    Your CPU is more than fine, if anything it's probably overkill. Read this. You could probably get about 5 1080p 10mbps streams out of that CPU, though I highly doubt your internet connection could handle the upload unless you have something special. If you're only "streaming" within your home...
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    Considering PSU replacement, need opinions

    I'm using madVR to render the video, which does tax the GPU quite a bit depending on settings. It's the same as playing a game though I don't think it taxes the CPU as much as a game would. I only use madVR for my big screen TV and the card was functioning great in the server listed in my...
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    Considering PSU replacement, need opinions

    Well, I can answer this myself. No, the setup does not work, it might only draw that much power from the wall, but it's not capable of supplying the power needed. I hooked up the computer to my TV to finally mess around with the HTPC stuff, and when I played gravity using madVR in MPCBE it was...
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    Considering PSU replacement, need opinions

    I'll be honest, the GPU is for HTPC madvr purposes, so anything that I get would be quiet and low power. I figure if I ever want a new GPU I can get a PSU then, unless there's a good reason to upgrade now. I was also thinking I'd just keep an eye on PSU prices and keep an eye out for a good...
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    Considering PSU replacement, need opinions

    I recently purchased a Lenovo thinkserver TS140 off amazon for ~$220. The power supply it comes with is pretty weak, and it's configuration is weird almost to the point of being bizarre. I had a few thoughts that I was looking for second opinions/options on. Here's the specs of the machine as...
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    Bitstream over HDMI for HTPC

    This is probably a good time to ask what you're bitstreaming to. What is the AVR? To do a bitstream from the TV back to the AVR usually requires a relatively new AVR and TV. My TV I bought just last year does it through HDMI control (CEC), though it's branded as "aquous link." You may very...