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    Will mITX limit VR?

    I think it is possible to get a M.2->PCIE riser adapter. The guys at SFFLab had a mini-ITX system displayed at Computex I think that had a graphics card and capture card, with the capture card running off such a riser. That said, hopefully this is why the RTXs include the USB-C port.
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Finishing Borderlands 2 and kicking more alien butt in Defense Grid 2!
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    SSD drive password

    Yea, this is what I suspected through my Googling also. I do actually have the password, but no way to input it. The only solution thus far that works is to just send him the drive back, have him un-password it, and send it back. $10 in postage won't kill me but it is a minor inconvenience...
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    SSD drive password

    That was actually the first thing I tried, but I kept getting an error about not being able to write to the last block of the device. (Same error, by the way, if I tried formatting it in OS X instead). I suppose it's possible the drive is dead, but BIOS/Disk Utility correctly recognizes the...
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    SSD drive password

    Hi all- A friend of mine recently gave me an old SATA-2 SSD that I'm going to put into an old laptop. However, he forgot to remove his drive password. My motherboard has no option to set (and hence to remove) a drive password. Is there any utility I can use to remove it? I know the...
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    MX100 vs 840EVO

    What about 840 Pro? It's not quite as pricey as the 850 Pro. (I'm in the market for probably a 480/512 soon)
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    X79 Raid 0

    I'm curious if anyone has SSDs working with TRIM in RAID0 on an x79 board. I know a few years ago TRIM wasn't supported for RAID configurations but that Intel supposedly was going to add the capability later. I've searched around to see but Googling or searching here has only produced the...
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    1.5 vs 1.35 ram

    Lower voltage means lower power (assuming the resistances are the same). So it'll maybe be a bit cooler. This isn't very important with RAM unless you're doing extreme clocking or something crazy. I'd more select on what the latencies are, frequency, and such. I personally went with 1.35V...
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    Can i Fit 2x ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP Edition With This Setup?

    h100i is new, but in terms of cooling it looks to be on-par with the H100. The H100 is also Corsair link compatible, so I suspect it's more of an "update" than a genuine new product. Cosmetically it does look different - maybe they redesigned the pump or something. ax1200i is similar: it has a...
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    Can i Fit 2x ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP Edition With This Setup?

    That said, you'll block off all the slots except for what the video cards are using. This means you'll need to use onboard sound or use something that connects via USB header.
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    Can i Fit 2x ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP Edition With This Setup?

    3 slot cards, yes, with what looks like a single space between them. This means you'll be using 7 slots (3 + 1 blank + 3); your case has 9 slots available. My assumption with the board is that you'll put the cards in slots 1 and 3 (the orange ones). On z77 you'd run them at x8/x8. You'll...
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    Nearly settled on my build - please rate

    I think you'd be better served doing RAID0 with two SSDs instead of having two separate ones. Unless you have some specific reason to split the drives.
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    Will a Corsair H60 clear the caps on this mobo?

    Someone did a build with a similar board (the z77 version) using an H80 (after a leaky H60), but that board has caps on a riser card. With the H60, I think you'd just have to orient it so the hoses are on the memory side and it should be fine.
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    Best motherboard for i7-3930K build?

    For socket 2011, definitely go with a full ATX or extended ATX board. Some boards are just slightly extended and probably would fit in a regular ATX case, but some are huge. I have a Asus Sabertooth X79 and am on the whole pleased. Performs well, overclocks well, etc. The voltage regulator...
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    Not sure what Mobo to buy for ivybridge

    Asus has a number of nice boards, IMO, with varying feature sets. If you don't want/need wifi, you can consider several of the other models: Sabertooth, Maximus V line, or variants of the Deluxe board you linked. The Asus software is pretty nice: intuitive but also with a good amount of...