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    AMD Crimson release Nov 24

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    AMD Fury Overclocking vs nVidia Using Sapphire TriXX people are getting amazing overclock results on AMD fury cards. Can someone post their VALID 980ti max OC single GPU results? im interested in comparing.
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    AMD new Nov drivers are coming

    If its anything like their last big Omega driver release i expect to see 10%+ performance increase in current gen cards like Fury X with some games. I remember the Omega release and it was almost like a hardware upgrade for me at the time, the improvement was noticeable without FPS/Performance...
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    Latest AMD vs Nvidia DirectX12 Benchmarks

    because MSAA caused nvidia to drop lower than AMD performance, so they had to make it fair
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    Latest AMD vs Nvidia DirectX12 Benchmarks

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    StarWars Battlefront performance Preview

    over time AMD improves performance more than nVidia does through drivers, there was a % increase in performance over time chart somewhere a while back that showed AMD about 10% higher performance gain on average over time than nVidia from time of release.
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    AMD and Nvidia compared in DX12 Fable Legends

    Its a Fury and Fury Nano, there is no Fury X in this chart.
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    AMD and Nvidia compared in DX12 Fable Legends

    Component Selection CPU Intel Core i5-6600K Motherboard ASRock Z170 Extreme 4 Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 HDD SanDisk Extreme II 120GB Storage Disk Seagate 2TB Memory 16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4 2400 Monitor Dell P2715Q Video Cards AMD R9 Fury, AMD R9 Fury Nano, GeForce GTX Titan...
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    AMD vs Nvidia Multi GPU Scaling

    chart speaks for itself
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    Fury X Overclocking

    too hot? are you not using the reference liquid cooled? My Fury X is running cooler than any GPU i have ever owned.
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    Fury X voltage control coming soon

    If AMD releases the unlock and the results are the same as this link suggests, poor overclocking.. then i will NEVER buy an AMD card again, if they lied then i fell for it.. but NEVER again.
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    Fury X voltage control coming soon

    I will wait to see what AMD's own unlocks and drivers do, i have a feeling there are some major driver optimizations and voltage/clock unlocks to come that will at least make the Fury X OC competitive against the 980ti and possibly match the Titan X in some cases. I mean, nvidia has had almost a...
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    AMD's Computing and Graphics division down 54.2%

    The only thing that can save the hardware market is if there was a massive sweeping push toward steam boxes (which are just custom built PC on a small form factor made to run PC games), and do-it-yourself PC gamers buying and upgrading hardware.. I think platform gaming needs to die out and we...
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    Please help me not hate Freesync

    smooth as butter on my Benq XL2730Z with Fury X and 144hz/fps.. :cool: