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    24" 90 degree Rotatable Display

    No other requirements, other than maybe a good viewing angle.
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    24" 90 degree Rotatable Display

    Thread title says it all. Does anyone have a suggestion for a rotating monitor? I've been looking for a while for a monitor I can use to read documents, but am not having much luck finding one with a rotating stand. Thanks.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    Nevermind. It does. Thanks everyone.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    Last question: Will it scale the data from the 80 GB to the 500 GB? Thanks.
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    Thanks. I didn't know that was out there. I'm also wondering what happens if there is already data on the target drive, though. Does the program need a fresh drive? Will the program scale the image if there is already data on the drive? (I know that some programs will take an 80GB image...
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    Acronis True Image 2010

    I'm thinking about getting Acronis True Image 2010 to transfer my XP install from an 80 GB drive to a 500 GB drive with data on it already. Has anyone used this product to do this? Will the program scale the image so that it can use the rest of the 500 GB on the disc without deleting the data...
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    Firefox 3.5 Is Out

    Awesome. Definitely a lot faster loading so far. Happy to give up Crystal Menus for this kind of speed.
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    Boot Camp problem

    I formatted it through the boot camp utility, and gave XP 10 GB of room (FAT system)... I was thinking about trying it with NTFS, but it really shouldn't make a difference.
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    Boot Camp problem

    Hey guys, So, I have a problem which very imminently needs a solution. A friend of mine's MacBook Pro was previously set up with Boot Camp and XP 32-Bit. Then, the hard drive crashed and all was lost. However, it now has a fresh install of Leopard (which includes Boot Camp), so everything...
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    Bionic Commando bombs at retail

    Ha, you said "BC"!!
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    Newegg has RIIE open box for 258

    Why are all the i7 boards "open box" at newegg?
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    HD TV + RCA (360/PS2)

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    What is holding my FPS back in WoW?

    You obviously haven't tried this.
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    Gamespot PSP return policy is no return !

    They probably just wouldn't take it back b/c it has software included in the package, right? That makes sense, and is similar to every other return policy I've ever heard. Though, I feel like they should exchange it for you though. That's some bullsh** to have to send it to Sony after seven...
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    Best PS2 Wireless Controller?

    Bump to get a reply on the signal quality for the second controller.