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    Cogage True Spirit mounting orientation Q

    That's interesting and seems logical. Although I imagine the performance difference is very small. What effect does vertical versus horizontal installation have on the fan bearings? I did some light searching and couldn't find out what type of fan came with the cooler. A support document...
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    OCZ Agility Series 60GB SSD - $134 AR FS

    I bought one of the Agility's the last sale, and it shipped with the latest firmware: 1.5, just so people know.
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    Hot? OCZ Agility 60GB $124 AR + FS

    In for one. I couldn't resist this price. I imagine that they will continue to fall in price, and it is amazing that Newegg hasn't already sold out. But I thought this was a deal I couldn't pass up. I don't even have a computer to put this in. Both my desktop and laptop are already switched...
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    10% bcb on dell

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    Windows 7 Folder Sharing

    Thank you, this saves me some time for checking that out.
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    Windows 7 Folder Sharing

    C:\users may be shared even if you do not turn on Public Folder Sharing. I believe it was turned on in my case when I enabled File and Printer Sharing. It is shared to the Everyone group. Some documentation appears to say that Windows7 restricts sharing of C:\Users to Homegroup computers...
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    Reccomend a book/website for Windows7 Networking

    I am going from WinXP to Win7 Home Premium. I mention this because I never learned the Vista way of doing things. I am looking for a resource to explain Win7 networking. I am interested in an explanation of personal file-sharing, how the built-in firewall works (including how to manually...
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    OCZ 120gb SSD $309 AR Free ship Newegg

    Code does not work for 60G Agility or 30G, 60G Vertex. It was not advertised that it would work, but I figured I would give it a shot.
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    OCZ 120gb SSD $309 AR Free ship Newegg

    1v, V1. Just to be clear, this is not a version number, correct? This is just part of the naming convention. There is no V2. Right? Seems like a hot deal on a GREAT drive.
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    Buying benefits SSD Vertex//X25-M G2

    What you're saying is contrary to all of the evidence. Yes, Intel is a big well known company. No, that has not been reflected in their general competency in the SSD space. Also, with OCZ you can run either the TRIM or GC firmware, and GC will work in RAID.
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    How to tell which hard drive is clicking?

    Very carefully, you can put a pen or something in your ear, and hold it to the drive. And then boot up if it is only making the sound on bootup. Or I imagine you could look at SMART parameters...?
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    Intel SSD is better at making OS feel snappy?

    It may have, but Intel had such poor documentation, we don't really know how it worked. OCZ gets points for transparency and engagement with the community. This links seems to say that the ICH7 will do 300mb/s which appears to be Sata2 speed...
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    How do i copy alot of files 130k+ 13TB

    Yeah, the problem with that many files is that without a per-file CRC check you don't have a good way of verifying if your data was copied properly. With millions of files, how are you going to notice if 100 didn't copy over?
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    Intel SSD is better at making OS feel snappy?

    OCZ actually supported TRIM before Intel. And OCZ had a Garbage Collection functionality, even before TRIM. I have a 60GB OCZ Agility in my Corei7 desktop and a 80GB Intel G2 in my laptop (with ICH7 Southbridge, which might be a limiting factor). I can tell you from gut feeling that my...