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    reinstall OS after changing RAM?

    I believe he may be slightly confused by other posts if he thinks most are suggesting you reinstall your OS after a RAM swap. It is usually necessary to reinstall your OS after a motherboard swap, but a RAM swap is a very basic procedure, there is absolutely no need to reinstall your OS afterwards.
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    Dual Channel with different speed RAM?

    Can't seem to get that link to load. :S Anyways, it's generally ill advised to mix memory, but you really shouldn't run into problems. Note that it will also not only use the slower speed, but the slower timings as well. Make sure it's set to a voltage that both DIMMs will operate at and you...
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    Long POST after BSOD? (Probably memory related)

    Thread title reflects my main concern, but I had a few questions actually. I received some new hardware for Christmas, however I've run in to some issues. At first I couldn't get the system to POST, and couldn't get anything on screen. The post lights indicated a memory failure. I tried...
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Here you go: I don't recall the source, sorry :\
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    So yeah, I only have a folder on it right now for a companie's website I'm working on, half the time it's completely clean, the other half I might have 67543347657635 files on it. I see my computer desktop like a real life desktop, a work space, not something to trash with shortcuts and whatnot :p
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    No sound when encoding AVIs

    Hello all, I have an issue with SUPER. I have a 2GB AVI file that I'd like to compress so I can youtube it. To do this, I'm using SUPER. Back when I had winXP, SUPER worked great for everything I used it for. However on Vista when I try to encode it as an AVI file, I have no sound, and when...
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    XP Pro 64 bit and no 64 bit drivers - anything I can do?

    I couldn't find a proper driver at first either. What I did (vista 64 + Zyxel m-202) for my adapter is first I hooked up my laptop and used ICS to get an internet connection, then used windows update to get the proper driver. Hope this helps!
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    How do I turn off Vsync ? (8800GT Nvidia Drivers )

    I'm surprised you haven't gotten an answer yet. Assuming you aren't running anyything like nvtray, right click the desktop and go to the nvidia control panel. Make sure it's set to advanced settings. Go to manage 3d settings, and scroll down to the very bottom setting. Set it to force off.
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    So half the state of Florida to get a 8800GT

    I'm pretty sure it's because he was comparing DX10 to DX9. And we all know how well DX10 is performing right now :P
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    can't boot from disk?

    Try to set it up to where the BIOS boots from it first and see if that helps. What exactly happens when you try to boot from it?
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    can't boot from disk?

    What exactly are you trying to boot from? If you burnt it yourself, it may be a bad burn, try burning it again at a slower speed and possibly a different brand of CDs.
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    can't boot from disk?

    When you first turn your PC on, look down at the bottom of the screen, you should see something that says "Hit the del key to enter setup" or "hit F2 to enter BIOS" or something like that. Hit the key it tells you too and you'll come up to a blue screen (probably anyways, it may be gray or...
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    Razer RMAs

    But at the same time, they emailed you letting you know that they got it though, right? I'm just worried because I never heard anything from them, despite my email being include in the letter, plus I figured they would have it on file anyways. As far as that letter goes, I had to include a...
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    Razer RMAs

    I was just wondering if perhaps anyone who has experience RMAing with Razer could clear up my worries. I had a pair of razer barracuda HP-1 headphones just die completely on me randomly, on Christmas day.... heh, anyways, after exchanging emails with razer support, they gave me an RMA number...
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    4gigs, 3.5 shows.... 64-bit OS?

    I had tried disabling just about anything with word "memory" in it actually, then enabled everything I disabled, nothing worked :P Anyways, when I first built the system and installed Vista, I had 2 1GB DIMMS. I then bought a second kit right after Christmas, exact same model, so that I had...