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    Half Life 3 / Half Life 4: Who wants it? Does pc gaming need it?

    I'd buy Counter-Strike 2 in a heart-beat.:cool:
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    Half Life 3 / Half Life 4: Who wants it? Does pc gaming need it?

    How can anyone with true conviction say HL1 and HL2 sucked, or HL2-ep 1,2 sucked etc... I must have low standards... I want Episode 3 to come out too, but why end it there? Make HL3, but design a new engine around the DX11 API and keep the story-lines/characters from the original. Hollywood does...
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    Games for a 12 year old?

    Totally agree with this... Plants vs Zombies is by far the best independent game I've ever played. My wife is completely hooked, my 15 year old brother-in-law is hooked (bought it for Christmas for him), and I've been hooked for months now. Had it beat a while ago. Still keeps me engaged. I...
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    Half Life 3 / Half Life 4: Who wants it? Does pc gaming need it?

    Valve has made it very clear that they are intent on seeing if this 'episode' program for its bigger games works out. I have to agree with them that the idea at first was a great idea. But when's the last time we've seen a new HL2 episode??? With DirectX11 out in full force and programmers...
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    Just heard about wow in china

    LOL! So true... This is nothing new from China. It's a communist/socialist society that uses the government to take away liberty and people's free will in the name of 'hey, it's good for everyone and it sounds good'. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one nervous about the direction a certain...
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    Mirror Edge

    LS means left stick- push in.(bad xbox 360 port?) If you're playing the PC version, you should have the correct key mappings show up. Otherwise, look in the controls menu to see.
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    What was the game called?

    Was it Dink Smallwood? :D Fun free game.
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    Pinball: Hall of fame Williams edition

    The Wii version of this game hooked my friends and I for month and months. The physics, sounds and even the crappy Wii graphics all make this game one of the best on the console. I'm waiting for them to release another Williams game.
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    New RAM for an old computer

    You're right, saying the words "cut in half" was bad. :cool: Second point is correct to an extent. If you've hit the ceiling on the paging file, you'll want to add extra ram at least. If he's using XP the paging file is 1.5 times the size of the amount of ram in the system. Adding more ram...
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    New RAM for an old computer

    On the first sentence: I basically said the same thing, except worded badly. Second: I disagree, check the benchmarks when 'gaming' which is what this pc is supposed to be for. Dual channel almost always out-performs a little bit more memory. Especially when it's a 32 bit OS. Third- this is...
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    Games that 'everyone' hates... but you love! (warning- play nicely)

    Ok, I'll end it with this... I actually enjoyed playing Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Loud on the XBOX. Yea... I said it!
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    New RAM for an old computer

    You can put in a third stick, but you'll lose Dual-channel. Your ram will run @ it' s rated speed cut in half. (so 200mhz instead of 400mhz). While the extra ram is nice, it doesn't come close to the performance gains you get when dual channel is enabled. If I were you, I'd but some 1 or 2(if...
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    Why does EVERY freaking game need to "set up a sequel"?

    Money to time ratio is not there for us to expect 200 hours of polished content, deeply planned, engaging story and perfect pace for any game. Let alone a shooter. Would you spend countless man hours and licensing fees, marketing, insurance, etc to sell a game for $50. The budget would be...
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    Games that 'everyone' hates... but you love! (warning- play nicely)

    I can't say I was in this group. I loved FF7 on PS1... This game had the best summons/graphics of any game at the time. So I'm in the minority here...
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    For all that got Terminator: Salvation for free

    Or Julia Bond... or both! Seriously video-card companies! De versify your promos!