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    Full atx tower suggestion

    Nanoxia Deep Silence 6
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    Spotty Comcast internet service. New Modem same thing

    Check for packet loss. Open up command prompt and type in "ping -t" (without the quotes). This will continuously ping google's website until you stop it with CTRL+C, at which point it will give you a summary of the sent, received and a packet loss percentage You should have a 0%...
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    Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti 11G - $660 shipped - Massdrop - YMMV

    This will take care of the sag. I bought the same card at launch for about $700. It's been solid. No regrets
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    So you're saying there's a chance?
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    Replacement Samsung Note 7 Phone Emits Smoke On U.S. Plane

    Has anyone bothered to ask what charger people are using on the Note 7 that are catching fire? I've seen plenty of people use cheap chargers and USB cables on a phone that cost $600+ and with the new "fast charging" features that modern phones are implementing, I wouldn't be surprised if they're...
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    Steam 2016 summer sale is here! runs from June 23rd to July 4th!

    There's a 5-10 second delay for every page to load, so even if you wanted to check out the store, you won't be able to. I tried checking out twice, once with a credit card and another with paypal, and each time I received an error message once I press purchase...
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    Qnix 144Hz

    I just purchased the same display, but the "perfect pixel" version from the same seller for $149. 3 year square-trade warranty for a additional $20 for those interested
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    Anyone Here Use Google Fi?

    My old phone was a Galaxy Note 2, so the upgrade to the Nexus 6 wasn't too much of a difference for me. I do not believe that Project Fi has a 'HD Voice' equivalent, and, to be honest, I do not think I would be able to tell the difference unless I did a side by side test between a standard...
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    Anyone Here Use Google Fi?

    I've been using Project Fi for about 2-3 months now and am located in Chicago suburb. The value for service is excellent; last month my bill was about $21 since I primarily used WiFi and only had 0.155 GB of cellular data for the month. The cell phone service itself is pretty good. There...
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    Monoprice HDMI Cables w/ RedMere + Extra $5 Off $25 From $2 + Shipping

    Yep. Checked the orientation several times and even tried flipping it around when I ran out of ideas. I ordered the 6 ft and the 15 ft version and both had the same outcome. More than likely they're lying. I spent about an hour talking to their tech support through live chat. They tried to...
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    Monoprice HDMI Cables w/ RedMere + Extra $5 Off $25 From $2 + Shipping

    I bought the same exact cable quoted when I got a Samsung 4K tv and a 970 GTX to watch TV through WMC in UHD@60Hz. The cable does not work with any UHD/4K resolution past 30Hz and it is only shielded at the connector (which is a joke when dealing with such a high data throughput). The only...
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    Official HDHomeRun Live TV plugin for Kodi (XBMC)

    That's because Microsoft is paying to have the DRM (PlayReady) for premium channels
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    Report Highlights Critical Importance of Non-Microsoft Patches

    Question is are they including Google Chrome's "bounty-like" bug reporting where they reward people for reporting bugs? If that's the case, then I'm not surprised by them being at the top of the list. Just last year one of the people were on the news for making upwards of $30,000 just for...
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    Do 290x or 295x2 support HDMI 2.0?

    Don't think so. The R9 290 that I had did not have HDMI 2.0. Doubt that the 290x would since they're fairly similar cards. Your best bet would be to wait a bit for AMD's 300 series cards; they should be released at the end of Q2 2015.