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    Obscure games that you loved

    Does "Master of Monsters" count as obscure, or just forgotten? I was obsessed with that game for a long time. Turns out, after taking to Battle for Wesnoth much later on, I find out Wesnoth took most of its inspiration from MoM. Not surprising.
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    Favorite adventure game

    Tough to call a clear #1 here, but some of the contenders would be: Loom Kings Quest 3 (my first KQ game, kinda have a soft spot for it) Any Hero's Quest (do these count?) Longest Journey (may be a bit late for this list, dunno)
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    Verge Cryptocurrency Hacked

    Dev hard forked the chain without even realizing what he had done. Yikes.
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    If you guys are able, I'd mine and hold on until the price increases. Convert to something solid that will be a sure bet (insofar as we get these) in the cryptoworld. If you can't afford to do that, there still is a good market for used equipment - hell, I'd buy a 1080ti at the right price...
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    Just mine or trade?

    Both are likely to up quite a bit this next year. It may well be that ETH will go up by more, but who really knows? It probably depends upon how the POS transition goes, and other major changes Ethereum has planned.
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    Lots of GPUs Needed to Make Up for $500M Theft

    USD held by Coinbase is. Crypto held by them is not. If you have BTC on that exchange, and it gets hacked, you're SOL.
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    Just mine or trade?

    Depends how much time and energy you want to put into this. If you don't want to do a lot of evaluation of different projects, mine to a profitable one, convert to a safe long term hold, then wait. If you like to gamble a bit, and are willing to do some serious research, you can trade your way...
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    What longshot coins are you sitting on? Here's mine

    Picked up some appc a few hours back. With the big coin burn and some marketing, it looks to be taking off. I don't know about this in the last night term, but over the next few weeks to months, it ought to rise. Decent team, working product, existing market base.
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    Zcash trading

    I think its a set amount per day. Try again (early) tomorrow.
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    What longshot coins are you sitting on? Here's mine

    Damn, how do find out about early coins like this to mine?
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    Zcash trading

    Binance is back to accepting new accounts. PM me if you want a referral code.
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    What longshot coins are you sitting on? Here's mine

    I was sitting on some Neblio I had bought at $7 several weeks ago. Sold literally 30 minutes before its takeoff to Pluto to fund some other stuff. I thought I could turn a profit on something else and buy it back. Don't be like me, folks. If you do your research up front, ID good...
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    What longshot coins are you sitting on? Here's mine

    In all likelihood, that's a rubric used to begin a discussion among the people who actually decide, and nothing more. I have not doubt they can overlook a "bad mark" in one area if there is a competing benefit in another area. If XRP is going to make them much more money than other competing...
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    Best NVIDIA Lyra2REv2 miner?

    Have you tried mining it with x17 algo as well? How does it compare to Lyra2REv2 in payouts, if you have?
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    What longshot coins are you sitting on? Here's mine

    Still more XRP than I've got, and I bought in at $.70. As for TRX, we might know a bit more in the coming days. Stupid competition with binance is over tomorrow, and code goes public on the 29th.