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    Nintendo Switch

    It is running a modified tegra soc. Likely an x2(not released) but maybe a beefed up x1(Q2 2015). We are looking at between .5 and 1.5 TFlops which puts it below the ps4 and maybe comparable with the xbox one. However, if the mobile screen is 720p or 900p then it should be able to maintain a...
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    Bought PS VR...feeling buyers remorse...

    I picked up the psvr on launch day. The little demos were interesting but not amazing. I thought London Heist and Batman VR were super sweet experiences but so short that they didn't feel worth it. Going to try Ocean Decent soon. They really need a longer, story driven game. I have a week to...
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    Comcast Xfinity Triple play voip modem

    I found a separate voip modem which supports eMTA. Think comcast will enable the two modems? my cm500 and the Arris TM602G
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    Comcast Xfinity Triple play voip modem

    I have comcast coming to install next week. In preparation i purchased a Netgear cm500 modem and ac1750 router. After talking w/ customer support some more, it turns out that even though the cm500 is listed as compatible, it doesn't support comcast's voip tech and i'll still have to rent their...
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    sub $300 laptop for media playback, win10 or chromeOS?

    thanks for the info! i'm leaning towards a Toshiba Chromebook 2 (N2840). It has a 1080p IPS display and 4gs of dual channel ram. Only $250 too.
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    sub $300 laptop for media playback, win10 or chromeOS?

    so, that lenovo 100s has the Atom Z3735F Quad-Core cpu (HD Graphics (Bay Trail). Any idea how does that compares to the celeron N2840 Dual Core Processor(HD Graphics (Bay Trail))?
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    sub $300 laptop for media playback, win10 or chromeOS?

    that is a great price, but size and weight are a concern. hmm. price and size are great. I'm concerned about the Atom not having enough processing power to get through some content.
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    sub $300 laptop for media playback, win10 or chromeOS?

    I'm looking for something to, primarily, use as a mobile entertainment system. It will be used to entertain kids while otg so it needs enough processing power to playback multiple media formats including 1080p Hi10p and HEVC.I want something small (11 to 13 inches), light weight and w/ good...
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    android factory reset and carrier settings

    Quick question, i'm getting conflicting information from other sources. I have a Moto G that is balls slow since my lollipop update. Clearing the cache didn't speed anything up so the next step is a factory reset (reports says this works). So, if i do a factory reset will it remove my carrier...
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    Final Oculus Rift announced! Releasing Q1 2016!

    that is key. if VR wants a strong launch then they need to have a large e3 presence this year. This means that they need launch titles. I've said it before, imagine if there is an on stage VR demo for fallout 4 or a new blizzard mmo. HYPE! I seem to remember in the past that Oculus and Valve...
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    What is the state of VR right now?

    I think that a major issue w/ mass vr adoption is the pc hardware required to run high detailed games. the rift, vive and the valve option are all going to require top of the line equipment, which means increased consumer cost. Sony has a slight advantage w/ morpheus because developers can...
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    GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) to arrive on PC on 1/27/2015

    add official oculus rift support
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    Amazon Phone

    price will make or break it
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    Building a low-power htpc

    Like the 847 and 887 the 1037u doesn't have Intel CVT which, i believe, is required for hardware accelerated playback. The CPU is beefy enough to crunch through the video but it will be less power efficient. But at $5 more it's totally worth the upgrade to the 1037u...