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    LCDs, Desktops, misc more to come

    Bump for some nice stuff!
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    Thoughts on Engineering samples via E-bay?

    I personally think ES is a "brown bag special". Sometimes you'll get lucky and get a great overclocker. Sometimes you'll get a chip that isn't spec'd like the retail version. An example, I was reading on the Xeon X58 thread on OCN and a guy picked up an ES X5660 that showed in CPU-Z to be a 4...
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    Rival 100 mouse

    I haven't adjusted the DPI yet, but the software allows you to change the RGBs to any specific color you want to...
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    Rival 100 mouse

    I bought my wife the Rival 100 from the classifieds.... She loves it! Very light and it has a comfortable shape...
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    Logitech G9x?

    I just replaced my G9x with a Zowie FK1.... My G9x is still in great shape... Love both! :)
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    The Best AIO CPU Coolers Of 2015

    I personally have been wanting a Swiftech for my main rig, but their lack of a distribution stateside make's me a little uneasy for warranty purposes. Definitely watching to see what people think of the EK Predator.
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    Should I go Schitt?

    +1 on the O2 Amp & DAC combo!
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    what is a very good wireless gaming headset?

    I've got a couple of friends with the Corsair Vengeance 2100 Headset.... They all seem to like them!
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    Good media headphones for $125 budget?

    I would recommend used as well. A pair I would look at are the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X.
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    Nexus 6 still on 5.1.1 where's my 6 update?

    I'm on ProjectFi and just recently received my update on an unlocked Nexus 6. I believe one of the radio frequencies may have had a problem with Marshmallow. Google sent out an email acknowledging this to ProjectFi customers.
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    Help with Corsair link

    I also had major problems with Corsair Link. I'm hoping a future update will fix some stability issues.
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    Plex, Kodi, Media Portal, Windows Media Center or what?

    Another benefit to Kodi on the Nexus Player is that it updates automatically since it's located on the Google Play store now... Of course, Plex does this as well.
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    Plex, Kodi, Media Portal, Windows Media Center or what?

    I've got a Synology NAS for media storage and 4 Nexus Players with Kodi throughout the house that I stream content to. I'm definitely partial to Kodi for myself, but setup more novice family members with Plex.
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    Roku 4

    The Nexus Player uses a 64-bit Intel Atom CPU compared to most other devices using an ARM Processor... Just an FYI
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    Roku 4

    I can't confirm this but some people have reported using H.265 With a Nexus Player through Kodi. Would that be an option? I personally run my movies off a Synology NAS with 4 Nexus Players through out the house all with Kodi. I'm interested to hear how it works as well as I'm running out of...