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    Thoughts welcome: watercooled Ryzen for Games, FEA/CFD, and java/kotlin+IDEA

    thanks to @Kelijan for this post that outlines 570X motherboards: thanks to tangoseal for the AMD slide pointing me at 3600/3733Mhz ram
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    Thoughts welcome: watercooled Ryzen for Games, FEA/CFD, and java/kotlin+IDEA

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a build --in Canada, this is my current list: This is my home machine, so I'm looking to use it to write software and play games. Needs: Monitor; cpu + mobo + ram + gfx; main-drive. cpu waterblock, gpu...
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    Ryzen 3900x build: feedback sought

    I am in a very similar boat to the OP and came here thinking "I'm going to have such a hard time getting up to speed on whose got better voltage regulation and which ram chips can get pushed hardest" and then in a single post you've solved half my problem. Many thanks. (before I head into the...
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    $2k to $5k build for (buggy) software QA

    Hey Guys, So I just typed this out, accidentally closed the tab, so no I'm typing it all out again (in nodepad++ this time) Firstly: There's a tl;dr with the build template at the bottom, so if you want to skip the backstory you can. So I work for this company, and right now our QA...
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    Canadian Spy Agency Tracks Millions Of Downloads Daily

    My favorite is the workflow slide titled "Filtering out Glee Episodes" :D Nothing here seems all that unexpected to me, any country with even a moderately well funded intelligence community should have these capabilities. I'm not sure how they retrieve those user agent strings though, I'm not...
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    $1000 US ($1200 CAD) build for girlfriend

    Thanks so much for this, I've never heard of Price picker, that alone has made this thread worth it. Hooray for aggregate searches!
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    $1000 US ($1200 CAD) build for girlfriend

    I want all of games with all of the eye candy. In other words Assassins Creed Unity. anybody but NCIX. this questions a bit complicated, Probably I'll just install a copy of windows 8.1, and if she hates it, I'll go with a copy of windows 7. by "bridged-in" what I was referring to is USB...
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    $1000 US ($1200 CAD) build for girlfriend

    Been a while since I've been on these boards so bear with me: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? This questions a bit complicated. Ultimately we've got $1200 CAD to spend. I've got an...
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    Predicting the future of tech is futile

    I think he's referring to the validity of that quote, which nobody's quite willing to give a good citation on. That said, the sentiment stands, X86 has gone as far as it can, we need a new architecture to continue moores law a 32 bit address space aught to be enough for the IP stack a 48...
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    Few newbie Quesions on C#

    real players in the internet business. What are you talking about? Pick the best tool for the job. Regardless of your choice, you'll have challenges. One of my favorite stacks to work on was Windows, IIS, Mongo and .net. Now I'm writing GUI's in Java for Linux with our model persisted in flat...
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    Few newbie Quesions on C#

    I really like C# Though I like Scala more than F#, I still really like the .net framework. the await keyword in C# 5 with WinRT is a masterstroke... though WinRT is kind've a clusterfuck. Anyways, this seems like an excellent time to plug my soon-to-be-on-maven library: Linq-A-Like...
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    YABR - $1100 CAD, its been a while

    firstly, think I can I start an acronym: Yet Another Build Request (YABR)? It would follow in the long line of FLOSS "Yet-Another" acronyms. Anyways, to follow the template: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc General purpose. Diablo III is as extensive...
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    SSD 1 compatability with SSD 3 - PLZ HELP!!

    yeah you're fine. the SATA spec is intrinsically backwards compliant, so your motherboard will attempt to drive the SATA 3 controller on your drive at SATA 1 speeds, and the drive will simply accept that. And before anyone can chime in about the performance hit, the drive will saturate the...
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    Botched my first loop; dead 6950 with a new cap

    The units are correct, if the cap is being used as voltage regulation, then you can have whatever capacitance you want as long as the actual voltage put over the cap is below the (advertised) break-down voltage. Anyways, I baked my card for 8 minutes at 385F last night, no change. So I guess...
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    Botched my first loop; dead 6950 with a new cap

    ok so in the debate of who gives better advice, HardForum or Bit-Tech, Hardforum wins (I figured I'd post there because so many of their mods are so incredible, but I guess the guys making those don't post on the boards or read "help me" threads) Yeah, I should mention I've done a fair bit of...