Thoughts welcome: watercooled Ryzen for Games, FEA/CFD, and java/kotlin+IDEA


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Jan 15, 2006
Hey guys,

I'm looking for a build --in Canada, this is my current list:

This is my home machine, so I'm looking to use it to write software and play games.

Monitor; cpu + mobo + ram + gfx; main-drive.
cpu waterblock, gpu waterblock, tubing, mouse recommendations welcome.

Do not need:
case, PSU, peripherals, pump, reservoir.

The things it will be doing:
  1. gaming. I play odd things, I would like cities skylines with mods not do die, but if Crytek releases something that's stupidly good looking I'd like to play that. Similarly, I might do the "how many smoke grenades can this machine handle?" test.
  2. compile things. Mostly javac, kotlin mostly in IntelliJ. I put it to the kotlin user group directly and they suggest that compile times scale with number of logical cores. The incitement for this build actually came from intelliJ: its constant indexing
  3. I occasionally run Finite Element and Fluid dynamics simulations on this machine, which I've been told likes to slam huge pages of memory. My needs are fairly modest, but I would like to be able to run these simulations as quickly as a non-HPC workstation can.
  4. Overclocking: as per my below notes I want all of this to be underwater, and I've had fun with overclocking before, so I figured I might do it again.

My current machine is in a really nice case with an 800W Seasonic PSU and a liquid CPU + GPU loop, all of which I want to re-use.

I've heard 144Hz monitors are nice, and 30"+ panels seem to be pretty common, so I want both. I've also got 3 old 22" Dell/TN monitors that I'll probably take to the office, though I am looking for an "upgrade", I think I've pretty much given up on eyefinity --though I did have some fun with it. I'm honestly not sure what to do here.

I'm also wondering if i can get clever with dual-booting two copies of windows or virtualization. I like the idea of separating my games from my work by a reboot, though I'd want some clever file synchronization to do that. Any thoughts here appreciated.

I've also got an ancient Auzentek Bravura that drives a set of equally ancient Sennheiser HD 650 headphones, I'll probably keep both though my driver situation for the sound card is pretty dicey.
thanks to @Kelijan for this post that outlines 570X motherboards:

thanks to tangoseal for the AMD slide pointing me at 3600/3733Mhz ram

Looks good. I would suggest getting a 3900X but seeing as they are not available anywhere I won't bother lol