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    Free Google Netbook! (cr-48)

    unfortunately, me 2
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    Canon Rebel xsi

    where have you seen it for $400 NIB? i thinking about picking one up myself.
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    Anyone actually get their free stuff?

    I've received a fair amount of stuff, especially while I was in college, a time that I was seeking out more deals than I am now.
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    FREE Google Wave (11)

    I've got 21 - send me a PM and I'll pass them along to interested parties.
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    What browser you use

    FF 3.5.3, IE only when I have to for work applications
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    cyclic redundancy error - USB flashdrive

    So I got a cyclic redundancy error while copying data to an 8GB flash drive I just got from MicroCenter. The data wasn't critical and it was still on my hard drive. I moved the rest of the data off from the USB flash drive, ran CHKDSK (no errors) and reformatted. Should I: 1) try to get a...
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    Buying a used HDTV on Craigslist?

    Call me a curmudgeon, but electronics are things that I like to buy new or recertified from the manufacturer, not second-hand from an individual. You should calculate mileage/gas into the equation, especially since you get free shipping deals all the time on the internet.
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    40" HDTV Shipping via UPS. Question...

    I would be wary of good deals on ebay about displays just due to the fact of extended warranties and dead pixels, etc... How easy can you get an RMA or the problem fixed? As far as the UPS insurance goes, I ship things out every day for my business. Each shipment is covered up to $100 by UPS...
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    GMail questions (labels)

    labels work well enough like folders for me. it's better too, because since all the message can be lumped together, i don't have to remember which folder its in to quickly search in all labels...why pop it down though? i let google deal with the harddrive space so i don't have to.
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    which tv to buy?

    go with the Toshiba 42RV530U ; it's a solid choice, 4 HDMIs and a great price at and newegg
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    Help me, help a church

    For those that need/want a WYSIWYG, you can use NVU as a opensource replacement for Dreamweaver. It's easy to use and should cover your needs. "Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux desktop users as well as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users...
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    Convert audio clips to text

    As trexler suggests, a transcriber would the best and most accurate option. You might try using Jott ( ) It transcribes voice to text. You call in on a 1-800 number and say that you want to send a Jott to yourself (typically sent to an email address you provide...
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    Best FREE DVD player software?

    I personally like VLC ( ). It's free, it's versatile. Plays pretty much any format you can think of.
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    Is my setup wierd?

    Studio quality monitors should deliver good, clean, crisp sound reproduction with tight bass. What's weird about wanting that? My assumption here is that they are also very well constructed. As for your question about damage, I would think that only playing music for a prolonged period of time...