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    Critique this beta site design!

    While I could never create that it makes my head hurt and I think it needs additional tuning. Bear in mind that I am using IE and that may be the issue...
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    best video camera to shoot a small movie with for under a $1,000??

    For the money you would be hard pressed to beat the GL-1 in terms of quality versus cost. After that you get up into a much more expensive price range with the Panasonic DVX-100A or Canon XL1/XL2. If you dont need to use the camera again you would be better off renting one of the ones I...
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    DELL 2405FPW Has Ghosting woot

    And this is exactly the kind of statement that will get you into trouble around here. If you cant post something that pertains to the topic at hand then dont post at all.... My 2 cents and my first warning.
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    Building a system around a Video Card?

    Yes you did, now both of you should leave that topic to die..... there was a misunderstanding and there is no reason to go over it any more.
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    X800XL Agp stats on, what gives?

    While it is perfectly legitimate to have an opposing opinion regarding ATI and their products, it is another thing entirely to state something for the sake of baiting other members into flames or arguments. If you cant say somthing "nice" dont say anything at all please....
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    New webpage design

    I love it for the simple reason that my name is also Ian.. keep up the good work ;)
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    New DRebel Thread (w/pics)

    Man, I am 25 and wouldnt go back to high school for a scrillion dollars. Trust me when I say it only gets better ;)
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    Beginner digital video...

    what is your budget?
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    2006 PC hardware vs. XBOX Next...

    Enough with the arguments both of you.... keep in on topic or I will close this thread. Consider this your first and last warning.
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    Sony HDR-FX1

    correct and Avid's HD solutions are REALLY expensive. I am not an Apple man so Final Cut is not an option.....
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    Suggest a sub 1000 video camera?

    QFT 3 CCDs is a must and optical (read gyro) image stabilization will always beat electronic IS.
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    Sony HDR-FX1

    Well let me know what you think of it, we use Sony DSR300's and DSR570's (native 16x9) here at school and they are nice but I am unimpressed overall by Sony's prosumer choices. Resolution matters only if you have the playback equipment to show off the extra detail. There is a pretty good...
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    Suggest a sub 1000 video camera?

    The GL1 is the minimum I would suggest if you are looking for something serious... XL1-S's may be getting cheaper soon thanks to the release of the XL2 and they do a decent job
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    Sony HDR-FX1

    You will not notice a real difference in quality unless you are viewing the footage on a nice 1080i or 920p HD monitor and I am willing to bet that most people you know dont currently posses one. Having said that you are MUCH better off spending less money on a Panasonic DVX-100A (24P) or a...
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    PC or MAC: Back again

    Thread was duplicated in multiprocessor systems forum, per the rules - one per user. I will leave the MP systems thread open