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    Exactly................AQ :o Damn illusions. That wouldn't happen if they colored their RAM retainers different colors for each channel :p
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    Massive Overkill defined

    LOL, you beat me to it!!
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    OK, going to see my optometrist :p
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    dum deee dummm
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    Look closer...............3 on one side and 3 on the other side of the CPU socket.
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    Massive Overkill defined It has arrived...........ahhhh....6DDR slots (look at the picture, not the description).
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    Maximus IV Gene Gen. 3 in stock at Ewiz (Superbiz)
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    Poor Man's vmotion like setup?

    I'm waiting for 3.0 to get released so I can test LIO-target, but lopoetve is right. Default iSCSI initiator for OF 2.99 and below is SCST, which doesn't have SCSI-3 persistent reservations. Now you can CLI configure OF to use LIO-target, but it's a PITA. For now, I've succumbed to just...
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    New toy at work

    Good to know that my hearing wasn't off when I was given the cursory specs.
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    New toy at work

    We're getting our evaluation R720's this week so no :p
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    Acer Iconia tablet Best Buy $243 w/tax + $10 gift card

    SOLD OUT. Got it for my GF. I'm really surprised that more peeps weren't more interested in this on [H] (unless you already saw the deal on SD or Bens Bargains).
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    Acer Iconia tablet Best Buy $243 w/tax + $10 gift card
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    New SFF gamers case: presentation and advices

    Mind telling us how much? I was going to sell my case to an old customer for his gaming rig, but I didn't want to sell it without getting a replacement or properly pricing it.
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    Early OCZ Synapse impressions

    Thanks for the review. I take it that when you install the Dataplex software it's only good for use on one PC? What's the maximum cache size you can provision? Can you cache muliple drives? I know I could Google, but I'm feeling extra lazy.
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    3rd Party SSD Caching software

    I don't think Readyboost is as advanced as SSD cacheing impementations. Readyboost can only use USB, not SATA\SAS attached storage for cacheing as far as I know.