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    XSAN - OpenFiler

    You could likely throw (8) 3TB drives into a Drobo B800i for around 4K. It's iSCSI so it should work fine with your xsan environment. Do you already have a machine running a hypervisor with spare overhead to allocate to running Openfiler? Because having to buy a server, and then vmware...
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    Industrial switch to be installed on factory floor

    Does anyone know of a company that makes a switch that meant to be deployed in a harsh industrial environment. We need a switch that can be installed in a factory that does graphite milling so the switch cant have fans, but needs to withstand 100_ degree temps. Im looking for something that has...
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    Run Backup Exec in a VM with SAS pass through

    Its an HP DL360 G7 running vsphere 5.1. I have a SAS card I plan on using for this but dont off the top of my head remember what brand/model. Right now Im more concerned if its even a theoretical possibility.
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    Run Backup Exec in a VM with SAS pass through

    Does anyone know if it possible to run Symantec Backup Exec in a VM? I take nightly snapshots of all my vm's on my NetApp and want to back them up to tape. We're trying to consolidate servers so I dont want to have to dedicate an entire machine to running Backup Exec and would there for like to...
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    Sub 300 dollar build advice

    GoGo gadget NewEgg Order history! Here is the the one they say I ordered: I dont really plan on running a hard core graphics card, let alone a SLI or XFire setup do you not think 500 watts is enough? Also, good call on the...
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    Sub 300 dollar build advice

    A couple of days ago my beloved mac book pro finally bit the dust and now Im left with only a kindle fire for a computer. I've been out of the custum build scene for around 8 years and really have no idea whats what any more and as much I'd love to spend the next month meticulisly researching...
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    Control shape, size, and color of individual google maps markers loaded from database

    Bit of a background to touch on the "dont ask us to do your homework" sticky. The final deliverables for this project dont really include a working example. We are allowed to, and it is recommended that we make some kind of static mockup of what our front end would look like in photoshop or the...
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    The absolute cheapest SAN solution possible

    What would this look like with an xserve raid? Would I still need to use fibre anywhere, and where would the switch go, between the DAS and the controller (seams like that contradicts the definition of DAS) or between the controller and the rest of the servers? Is it possible to use link...
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    The absolute cheapest SAN solution possible

    What are your thoughts on this disk shelf, It already has drives, power supplies and 2 X5612A cards. Are those cards in any way shape or form going to...
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    The absolute cheapest SAN solution possible

    Doesnt matter at all to me.
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    The absolute cheapest SAN solution possible

    Out of curiosity what does the Left Hand Solution offer that the things that I linked to dont asides from much more storage?
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    The absolute cheapest SAN solution possible

    As the title says Im curious as to your opinions on how to go about building the cheapest possible SAN. The goals for this project are in order of importance: Spend less then 800$ Have a lot of storage, at least 1TB Fast transfer/access speed Fancy software features This is for my...
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    eBay Fall 10% Coupon is here

    i could go for 40% of a Nikon D80, o well.
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    Gaming PC in a rackmount chasis?

    you could definatly do it, but your prolly going to have to run onboard sound, and then find a pci-e riser for you video card, but that was in a 1u. perhaps if you went with something like a 5U it would work, but then why wouldn't you just use a smaller mid tower at that point.