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    A California Company Believes It Has Invented a Viable Marijuana Breathalyzer

    I understand people not wanting dangerous people driving on the road with them, but I think the people driving under the influence of Marijuana are near the bottom of that danger scale. Also, seems like people are relating smoking weed to alcohol, which is quite far from the truth for just...
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    Why Smartwatches Failed

    Samsung has lte in one model of the gear s3 and it works quite well away from the phone. Girlfriend has one and I don't think I have seen use her regular cell outside the house since. A small, simple yet functional and long lasting watch may be a good selling product.
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    So, about that Samsung Bixby Button

    I love my S8. Screen to body is quite amazing. I hope to use this thing for at least two or three years. Originally thought the screen would suck and be totally gimmicky but I really ended up liking it. Best screen so far. You can also just disable the Bixby button and not worry about it? No...
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    James Cameron Is Still Very Bullish on 3D

    I have tried 3D so many times and in all different venues (Theater, IMAX, Home, etc.) and always hate the experience. I'm sticking with 2D movies for the foreseeable future. If the new Avatar happens to be 3D and not require glasses, I will try again, but not expecting much.
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    Logitech Announces POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System to Recharge Wireless Mice

    Your statement would imply that physics is the only limiting factor in mouse technology but that is not the case. Drivers, software, sensors, etc. starting adding different latency to the overall input of any more. Many things are involved and the overall response time will vary greatly among...
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    Logitech Announces POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System to Recharge Wireless Mice

    I recently decided to try all wireless keyboard and mouse again (for the 3rd time) and love it so much this time I will never go back. The last few times I tried I just don't think the technology was up to snuff but that is no longer the case. My mouse is the G900 and it works as good, if not...
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    Geoff Keighley: Project Scorpio Is $499

    Strange, I purchased the Xbox One S as a UHD Blu-ray player but some how ended up buying 15+ games? Seems like it is an easy way into the home, and when you have it, you might as well buy some games to play on it. Now Sony lost out on all those game sales from me only because they didn't...
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    i7 7700k - what will you be able to upgrade to ?

    Friend needed a system so I sold him my 6700k system and built a 7700k system for myself about a month ago. I will be selling the motherboard/CPU and getting i9 7900x as soon as it is released. 6700k to 7700k did nothing for me, only helped my friend. More cores for me please.
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    Geoff Keighley: Project Scorpio Is $499

    If PS4Pro had UHD Blu-ray I would have bought one. With a PC, I can't justify buying a console just play console games anymore. My PS3 was my Blu-ray player, and it was nice that it would play a few games. When I heard about the PS4Pro release I thought it would be my next system, but no...
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    I Hate Bixby - You Hate Bixby - We All Hate Bixby

    I have the S8. You can remap the button to Google Now or whatever else you like (dedicated camera?) with an app from the Play store for free (root access not necessary). Alternatively, you could even just disable Bixby and the button doesn't do anything, which is what I did (long press on...
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    High Performance to Noise Ratio in Noctua's Next Generation A-Series Fans

    Been running the brown fans from Noctua for as long as I can remember. Great fans. I really do look forward to replacing all of mine with the new ones. The color never bothered me at all, but if the color bothers you, put your computer in a server case inside a rack-mount chassis and the...
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    Hollywood Fights Billionaire's Plan to Let You Rent Movies Still in Theaters for $50

    I have a 40" on my desk and a 55" that sits above that. Yes, I would have gone 65"+ but I have no room to mount it as the set would have hit the ceiling or protruded into the doorway. Projectors are not my jam so that doesn't make sense for me. The policy might be for, like you said, people...
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    Hollywood Fights Billionaire's Plan to Let You Rent Movies Still in Theaters for $50

    I used to think the sound made the story more enjoyable for me, but it doesn't. I used to like the huge screen size because it added more immersion but also does little for me. I get by just fine with my 55" TV at home under 3ft away with none of the crazy people. Large screen and...
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    BOGO.. Samsung S8 direct from Samsung

    Yeah that is a good deal. The return on the rebate is much faster than Tmo and one less line mandatory activation. All good things. I may have done this deal if I saw it sooner but I also would have had to wait on shipping. I deiced to just go with Tmo BOGO and the instant gratification of...
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    Samsung UN43KU7500 43" Curved 4K - $449 - BACK ONE DAY ONLY on 5/13

    So you found it worth the effort to sell your 6290 and upgrade to the 7500? Hm... decisions decisions.