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    Sabertooth Z77 with >2 sticks of ram won't work!

    So I ordered another pair of the SAME ram just to be sure since timings were slightly different. The new set also does not work. (both sticks memtested) I turned on XMP and set them to both PC3-1600 and PC3-1333 and increased VCCSA slightly along with PCH. Still does not work! CPUID sees...
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    Sabertooth Z77 with >2 sticks of ram won't work!

    Hi guys, I've been running the Z77 with 2x4gb for a couple of years now fine. Recently, I bought another 2x4gb to add to it. Same model ram, I think slightly different timings but nothing big. The motherboard won't utilize either stick in the 2nd channel. It just picks up the Channel 1 8gb...
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    How would I amplify this cable into my home?

    Hi guys, I would like to amplify the signal coming into my home since I'm now using Cetons using a +15 dB amplifier I already have. I checked out my box outside and would like a little guidance on how to install this amplifier. I'm not sure what kind of cable that is running into the...
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    Saving files from dying MBP

    I tried that but no good. I think the problem is pretty deeply rooted and won't even boot so pressing T does nothing. The system simply powers on. This vid shows the exact problem I have: Found a thread on the apple forum earlier and it didn't sound...
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    Saving files from dying MBP

    I have a 2008 MBP that is biting the dust. I have a dead nvidia 8600 GPU so I can't get any display. The HD is fine, but the graphics are not. Before I take it to the store and explore possible repairs (if any, wouldn't be surprised if it's time to buy a new MBP) I want to try to retrieve the...
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    Can't CTRL+ALT+DEL to log in to WHS computer with any keyboard

    It's really weird. I've tried several keyboards with both USB and P/S2 or whatever but once WHS boots, I cannot login. The computer recognizes the keyboard during boot and I can get into BIOS fine. But once WHS loads up, no more keyboard. I CAN use a mouse though. To top it off, the dumb...
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    New Win7 Install, no permissions now on storage HD

    Yeah, I get a BSOD there too while it's loading files.
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    New Win7 Install, no permissions now on storage HD

    This is weird and I've searched and searched and could not find a solution. I have 2 HDs, an OS drive and a storage 1TB drive that has programs and files on it. I just upgraded the OS drive to a 120gb SSD and figured I would grab some important folders off the 1TB and then reformat it, clearing...
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    Can anything help with FRAPS fps?

    Hi guys, I have a question about the fps drop when using fraps. Basically, what is the main hardware reason it drops fps? I'm not sure there's much I can do to help my situation, but maybe there is. I record WoW raids at 2560x1600 resolution on the rig in my comment and I drop down to 25-30...
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    Wireless antenne question

    Thanks guys! The adapter in my computer is N (D-Link DWA-552 Xtreme N) but the router is not (Linksys WRT54GL). Does N have a stronger signal? Should I consider getting an N router? Out of curiosity, if I got something powerful like this...
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    Wireless antenne question

    Hi guys, I was wondering about this antenna: Can you put this on the wireless router itself to boost signal broadcast? Or is it strictly for the receiving adapter? Also, would there be any...
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    Weird powered USB hub problem

    Okay, so I got a second powered USB 2.0 hub of a different manufacturer because I thought the first one I had was broken. Apparently, it's something I'm doing wrong or elsewhere. I have both hubs plugged into the wall and computer. When I have my mouse and keyboard plugged into them, they come...
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    oc build for wow only

    Lol, I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I came to that.
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    delete please

    Welcome to Hard Forum! I believe a post like this (called Want to Buy) would belong in the For Sale/Trade forum with a "WTB" tag at the beginning of the subject. That's quite an old beast there, I remember when I got a 1.25ghz athlon and thought it was the fastest thing ever. Running...
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    From 37" Westy to 30" 2560x1600, DONT HESITATE!

    Not too sure about the movies yet, but I do a lot of photoshop work along with CAD. It's really far superior on the 30" than the 37" I'm finding.