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    S24C570HL - How to remove stand?

    i know it's an old thread, but in case more people run into this... the fist technique doesnt make sense, it's like you have to use your knees to hold the monitor from sliding towards you it came out for me with constant pulling & wiggling as for the bleed issues, that's likely PLS glow, the...
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    GeForce GTX 680 3-Way SLI & Radeon 7970 Tri-Fire Review @ [H]

    people act like you can just magically hire someone like it's manual labor, show me all the skilled people that can write a driver? even open source is a mess open amd's job board, you'll see A LOT of job openings, so are there enough capable people to move into amd's offices? what amd really...
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    NVIDIA Adaptive VSync Technology Review @ [H]

    ouch this article... & this thread.... only some people are correct no mention of triple buffering is extremely disappointing, almost like nvidia told people to not mention it there's a big difference between 60, 30, 60, 30, 30, 60, 30, 60, 30, 30, 60, 60, 30, 60, 30, 60, 30, 30, 60 & a solid...
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    NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Video Card Review @ [H]ardOCP

    exactly what i'm thinking too, i dont get where people got their crazy ideas, they sound like they forgot what triple buffering is if the monitor has 60hz ticks, there's no way around the stutters, which are hardly more annoying than the tearing itself especially when you're at like 58fps
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    Mass Effect 3 Leaked Online

    uhh that's comparing what 'creative writing classes teach against', not the quality of the work itself, come on i never understood why it matters if you dont get to play a game in 1 day or 5 days, the game was ready weeks ago so what's the difference? the only release date issue is when pieces...
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    AMD CrossFireX Drivers - Opportunity Lost @ [H]

    look at the CF best practices docs, the drives DOES scale by default unless it detects what it thinks are operations that need to be duplicated per gpu i've seen various games that scale without any profile or tweaking (railworks, section8 prejudice barely, usually every source engine game or...
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    My Daughter bought an Xbox 360 with kinects but says it has no hard drive?

    you can pick what hard drive to use on xbox, you just have to carefully open the proprietary enclosure without breaking it i hope you know you have to pay for online
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    Apple Customers Warned of Phishing Attack

    i dont quite consider this an 'apple attack', phishing is phishing & the attackers just rotate domains/services/companies whenever
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    Configuring two graphic cards

    isnt the 260 supposed to have working hdmi with sound? it may be on one of the dvi ports & cards usually come with an adapter
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    Does vertical resolution have any correlation with tearing with vsync on?

    uh? negative positive, you mean make it maybe longer input lag or something? there shouldnt be any (relevant) effect whether it's 600px or 1600px
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Performance & IQ Preview @ [H]

    plus AA doesnt interfere with you playing out of the box, & SC2 AA also hits nv, just not as hard,3074-9.html game can easily get cpu limited, so there's no way there will be 100% gpu usage on more than 1 gpu
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Performance & IQ Preview @ [H]

    protip1: who cares about gpu usage as long as you're scaling in CF/SLI (or not dipping below 60), a somewhat light weight game like this is gonna hit cpu limits, it's not like crysis or metro that will actually use up 100% for dual gpus protip2: CCC's vsync option is only for opengl, brent or...
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    RAGE Gameplay Performance and Image Quality @ [H]

    how can a site like hardocp not mention the fact that triple buffering is lacking? there are 100s of dx games (& even apps like d3doverrider) that work just fine with vsync without dropping to 30fps also megatextures appeared in ETQW first, tech4 barely any titles exist, only doom3 &...
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    BF2 map help

    maybe browse some BF2 map lists & arrange by popularity/rating/downloads, might spot it that way
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    Recording Rage with Fraps

    ati + fraps recording opengl = slow (doesnt matter if framerate is set to not locked, or if you record at 30 or 60 or any specific fps) it's been like this for years, back when i tried doom3/aquadelicgt/etqw on an x800 or 9800pro & really old versions of fraps, it was locked to 15 or 10fps then...