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    Cisco Switch Config Question

    /usr/home got my question answered. Thank you guys very much for the offers, though! Cheers!
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    Cisco Switch Config Question

    I was wondering if there was anyone here familiar with configuring Cisco L3 switches that I could PM a question regarding a config a contracted network engineer did for my company. I would rather not post everything publicly but if this kind of post is against the rules, I apologize. For...
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    Synology NAS and Chromecast?

    This is exactly correct. I deploy Synology units in most of the houses I install home theaters in and the media capabilities are more than adequate -- especially if you're a little technically inclined. Our general usage goes something like: -- 2-6 3MP IP Cameras recording to Surveillance...
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    1TB External Hard Drive?

    Those do look like nice drives. I was kind of hoping to keep it under $100 for him, but I will add that to the list of potentials! Thanks! Anyone know of any solid sub-$100 drives I can compare those to?
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    1TB External Hard Drive?

    Hello [H]! My brother is in need of a quality, reliable 1TB external hard drive. I've been out of the market for over a year and I have no idea what is worthwhile right now. Ran into a lot of flaky externals back when I needed them for work, so I figured I better ask someone who knows what...
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    How-to Guide for Virus/Trojan/Malware Removal

    Something I have seen four times in the last two weeks that has annoyed the hell out of me is after virus removal and fixing the hidden files thing, nothing will appear on your desktop and you're unable to right-click. HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion >...
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    Budget Point-to-Point?

    It's not necessarily too much in the long run, but it has to go through board approval, so they just want a couple of options -- one of which they'd like to get in a price range below $400 in case their first choice gets shot down.
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    Budget Point-to-Point?

    Right, I'm just asking for actual affordable solutions. This kit looks fantastic but I don't need a mile range and they would prefer something a little more affordable.
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    Budget Point-to-Point?

    The local high school wants to run wireless to the crow's nest overlooking their football field across the street from the main building. Wall to wall, I estimate the distance to be about 125 yards. There is line-of-sight, so point-to-point is an option but they're under a pretty tight budget...
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    Recently installed new router, issue?

    I think you just figured out why this is occurring. The router you bought is likely flaky. Two options: get your hands on another router to give it a shot or RMA the one you have now and try a new model. If that one does the same thing, something's not playing nice. My money would just be on...
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    Friend's Gaming Build - $1500 CAD

    I'd go with a Caviar Blue instead of the Green drive for a gaming machine. Other than that it looks pretty snappy. I lost track of heatsinks but $102 for a cooler is a lot - if it's really, really good then it's probably worth it.
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    Long-Range Wireless USB Adapter

    There is a motel here that also has long-term RV areas. They're about 200ft away from the router. It's consumer grade because they're a very small business but a guy walked into the office today saying he couldn't get their wireless signal from his RV and he's gonna be there for a couple months...
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    Friend's Gaming Build - $1500 CAD

    This is for a friend of mine. He'll be using it primarily for Everquest 2 and a few other games (Rift, Star Wars the Old Republic, SC2, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, and Dragon Age 2 when it comes out). At any given time he might be running 3 instances of Everquest 2, so I guess...
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    Fastest tool to zero out hard drives

    Same. I think four hours for the six 5400rpm 250GB laptop drives. Just burned six copies and let them do their thing.
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    Lightest anti-virus

    Uh, pretty sure you were linked to in the other thread. A little looking around shows that they do performance tests on AVs, too: Read through the report, see which has the lowest slowdown. Or...