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    [Win7] Help setting up wireless ad hoc network for sharing an internet connection

    Hey All! I'm having trouble setting up a wireless ad hoc network for sharing an internet connection. Relevant Info: Lenovo X120e 1x1 11b/g/n Windows 7 Home Premium Huawei E1691 (Wind Infinite Laptop; HSPA+ Data Stick) I followed this very useful guide...
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    Budget Overclocking Solution....

    i'm thinking of downgrading to the Earthwatts 380W ... will that be insufficient for my overclocking?
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    Budget Overclocking Solution....

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm ordering within Canada to save on duties and headaches...
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    Budget Overclocking Solution....

    Yeah I originally wanted a E2180 but it is out of stock....
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    Budget Overclocking Solution....

    Hey Well my A64 is getting a little long in the tooth... so I'm thinking of doing a upgrade. I mainly do this: Photoshop, Bridge (browsing through hundreds of 4MP raw files). Not much else. Maybe light gaming once in a while. Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 $65.00 Western Digital...
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    Overclocking with the ASRock 775

    I am definitely considering this motherboard. I will soon have a lot of DDR memory (3gb) and don't really care for video performance. I want to buy a E4300 and see how much I can squeeze from it. 300MHz FSB "only" yeilds 2.7GHz for the E4300... I was really hoping for 3GHz. Hm. //edit: Fack...
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    80mm fans... even worth it?

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    Makeshift epoxy? Superglue...

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    Viable backup solution?

    Ok well tapes are too expensive a solution so I"m gonna stick with my original idea. Does anyone have a systematic way of backing up like this? Just copy and paste then check CRCs? How do I check file integrity? THanks!
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    Upgrade or Save?

    Ok I've decided I'll buy an extra 2GB. Then I'll backup my stuff and overclock once again. (I'm back to 1.8GHz stock, will push her back to 2.2-2.3ghz). That should be a nice "upgrade" for a while. Thanks!
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    Upgrade or Save?

    I actually "upgraded" my camera to a 4.1MP one from a 6MP so I'm happy with my smaller RAW sizes. However, I also uprez them (and it handles uprezzing quite well) so I'll probably be dealing with 100MB images again. Another issue is, if I did save up ~$1000 (canuck monopoloy money) it'd...
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    Upgrade or Save?

    Hello. My computer is pretty fast but getting slightly long in the tooth. I don't have enough cash to buy a new system (I'd love a conroe system but I'd have to buy everything again.) I'm curious if I should spend ~$250 to upgrade my current system (what I'd do is make my 1GB of RAM into 3...
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    Anti Virus?

    I use AntiVir. Used to used AVG but it was too slow for my liking.
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    Viable backup solution?

    Um... the backup drive would be plugged in for maybe MAYBE an hour a month. Sure, let's do say there is a power surge and everything gets fried.. wouldn't the tape solution be fried too (while writing?)