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    Retina display - worth it?

    The 13'' Air is actually a higher resolution (1440 x 900) than the Pro.
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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    I'm going to upgrade my brothers rig to lga 1155 so I'll try swapping parts. It is such a pain to test since it's so random it may take me all summer before I am sure.
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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    The motherboard sounds likely. Is there any stress test that can test for this problem? The hard drive sounds unlikely because I had the problem when I was running off the ssd. I've always had the hdd connected so it still is possible. Also is it possible that the power supply could be the...
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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    I made this thread last year: I've run memtest86+ for almost 24 hours without a problem over the course of several nights. When the problem occurs the screen freezes until the display decides to turn off. All the connected devices stop...
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    Amazon Exclusive PS VITA 3G/WI-FI Bundle preorder bonus

    I think they would change it if they could but probably don't have time.
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    The 9 Oddest Tech Job Interview Questions of 2011

    Then cannon ball into it and use the bucket to scoop as much as you can out.
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    iPhone has better graphics than Vita

    Almost all are not in the correct ratio either. Hopefully everyone looks at what Bowhuntr11 posted. There is one game PS Vita game that looks awful, F1 2011. Those large images that Bowhuntr posted are the actual PS Vita resolution (960 x 544).
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    Steve Jobs Dead

    How was it sudden? He has been struggling for years.
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    Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' Keynote Liveblog

    Only to later say it has graphical effects from God of War (hopefully god of war 3).
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    We need you... in BF3... and BC2.

    Applied: Chrissj
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    I reverted to 266.77 and the problems did not go away. All I did was click clean install. I didn't remove the old drivers before hand. Maybe I should do that instead. Which exact version of 266 are you using. I did notice in metro 2033 if I keep all settings on the highest but set the game to...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to try the earlier drivers today. I am running the beta drivers now but there was no difference in results. I made some graphs of the frame rate. This is all taken from gameplay in a subway tunnel in Metro 2033, no action going on. Just walking around. At...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Update: I knew Metro 2033 was not running smoothly when I first started playing it a couple weeks ago but I through it was the game, not my system. I checked with fraps to see if it was similar to the Crysis 2 problem and it seemed to be the same problem but even worse effects. The fraps thinks...
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    But I have a salary. I guess for others though, you can idle and work an extra minute every day. I turn my computer off unless I forget to when I'm streaming some show. Great technique for not wasting as much time, press the power button, do something else thats important and takes about a...
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    Playstation Vita

    I don't see why you would want to sacrifice the 5inch screen and controls. If they made it as small as a smart phone, it wouldn't be any better than a smart phone.