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    ZFS - Mixing 4K/512 Drives...

    Thanks guys. I do remember I have a SAS internal to external bracket left over from my hardware (desktop) days. I'll probably end up going that route and building a new pool in an old external SAS box (... have to find drive tray keys!) and migrating then moving the disks back into the...
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    ZFS - Mixing 4K/512 Drives...

    Hmm. Sigh, can anyone recommend a cheap HBA with external ports?
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    ZFS - Mixing 4K/512 Drives...

    Thank you sir. I'm okay with the performance hit
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    ZFS - Mixing 4K/512 Drives...

    I just want some confirmation that this is not a big deal. I understand I'll see a performance penalty since the pool doesn't have the correct ashift, but other than that is there any big issues? I'm just hesitant since I'm going to spend close to 2K on replacing 11 drives. Ideally I'd rather...
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    Has anyone ever heard NTFS doesn't need defrag?

    I think "need" is relative. Without looking at the fragmentation level of any particular file system, the need to defrag can be questionable. Without understanding how a working dataset is used, even fragmented, you can't really say what is "needed". What if we're talking about a 4GB dataset...
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    VMDKs don't shrink automatically. Your confusion is between a thin-provisioned filesystem (block device) on ZFS and how VMDKs work.
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    Openindiana lead resigns

    Hmm I wonder if we can still change repositories and upgrade to Solaris 11 Express.
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    Windows reFS vs ZFS

    The only advantage you'll get is familiarity with Windows. What's wrong with vmware tools on OI? Are you accessing OI via the Console?
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    best way to setup six 2tb drives in zfs?

    mirrored raidz? So you're introducing hardware raid? Go 2x3-way mirror if you're concerned about failure. Cuts your available space down a bit, but meh that's always going to be the trade-off in any type of "RAID" system. Keep a hot spare if you can, if not keep some cold spares around.
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    Question for those running Sabnzbd & ZFS/OI

    This. If I was going to run all my apps on one OS I might as well not virtualize. I mean I could also run Sickbeard and Sabnzbd together too, but I decided against it. Makes it cleaner and easier to use and if I need to, I can move the VM to another server. ... Now all I need is vCenter :D
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    Question for those running Sabnzbd & ZFS/OI

    I'm running ESXi All-in-One with OI as a VM+various VMs performing different tasks. One of them is a Windows VM that runs Sabnzbd. It downloads to a CIFS share on OI, specifically for holding temporary downloads so something else can organize it. I have mapped network drives, but for Sab, I...
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    55 PetaByte ZFS installation

    When the first car rolled out, I bet there were people wondering why Ford couldn't get it together and figure out a way to attach it to a horse.
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    Cheap LSI SAS2008-Based HBA with External Ports?

    I tried searching, but does anyone know of a cheap LSI SAS2008-based HBA? It doesn't matter if its an OEM that I have re-flash (ala IBM M1015). Of course I can use adapters, but I'd rather not take up the space in my chassis. Thanks for any help (PS I'm looking at the LSI 9200-8E right...
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    Ideal Hardware Card for Home ZFS Application?

    For a card for ZFS application, IBM M1015 flashed with IT firmware.
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    What do you use VMs for at home?

    Box running ESXi 5.0 VMs: OpenIndiana 151a2 running as NAS(CIFS)+iSCSI 2 DCs 1 WSUS Server 1 Windows 7 for ShadowProtect ImageManager (verifying backups for physical machines) 1 Windows 7 running FTP+Sabnzbd 1 Windows 7 running Sickbeard 1 Windows 7 running Plex Media Server 1 Ubuntu Guest for...