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    Raz3r D3sk

    the logo cutouts look great!
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    Phinix Aurora

    love those white enermax fans.
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    Best value mini-ITX mobo for gaming

    Another vote for the Z87e. If I weren't OC'ing though, go for a cheaper H series board.
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    i5 4670k , Asus maximus hero O/C

    I have the same setup and was wondering the same thing, thanks for the link anime fan.
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    NVIDIA wall mount PC for Maker Faire

    Nice layout. Love the EK block being parallel with the board like that.
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    Cross Desk for client

    Small detail, but I love the diagonal slant of the res tubes.
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    Considering buying a new card??

    There's a lot of used 280x floating around for about $200.
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    GPU upgrade, PSU help

    Did you plug in the PCI-e power after this picture?
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    New Keyboard & Mouse - what would you get???

    I currently use the g9x and the cm storm pro. I also have a g700 that I'm using more now because of the size and wireless capability. As far as keyboards, keep in mind that on the Cooler Master series, the media keys are not dedicated per-say. You must lock the FN key and forgo the use of the...
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    How fast and easy are Corsair warranty returns?

    I've had the same experience with about a 12 day turn around time with my cx600
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    BitFenix new Mini ITX Lan-Party Case

    Missed that great price by a week. :( Still love mine however!
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    Anything on the horizon? ATI or Nvidia?

    I thought the 8xxx series was planned for january release? Maybe I have incorrect information...
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    Got my qh270-lite that I ordered from green-sum earlier this week. No dead pixels, but there is some backlight bleed. For $299 however, I can't really complain.
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    ATI 5870 upgrade for gaming on 1920x1200

    The 660 ti seems to be a popular choice lately. I upgraded from a 5870 to the 7970, but got a great deal on the card.