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    Cyanogen got hired by Samsung.

    I would tend to agree that it might not be a good thing for the Android custom ROM community but, it's a damned good thing for Steve Kondik aka Cyanogen himself. Congrats to him for nailing down something like that from basically a hobbyist position. It's going to be quite interesting seeing...
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    WinRar vs 7zip

    I guess 7-Zip being completely free with no nag anything probably has absolutely nothing to do with it either. ;) And I did note in that post long ago (2 years 4 days ago, wow) that I got WinRAR "absolutely free" as anyone can. Bleh... I'm rambling on. ;)
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    So what is the Android Tablet of choice for people now?

    I don't own a Transformer but I'm going to guess based on how popular it is and how very few complaints I've been able to catch about the Android Marketplace that it's ready to roll just like most any other Android device in that respect. As for rooting and customization, that's just another...
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    WinRar vs 7zip

    WinRAR does that "Extract to..." and all the variations of that concept thing just fine too, you know. ;) It's Ford vs Chevy all over again: people just have their own preferences for their own reasons, nothing wrong with that. I don't think either app is "better" or even "best" overall, but...
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    "Most Android vendors lost their Linux distribution rights"

    I'm getting to the point where whenever I see stuff like this I honestly wish I could just whip out some virtual hand and slap the shit out of all these idiots. Rodney King's immortal "Can't we all... just get along?" comes to mind, it really does. This kind of crap just gets irritating...
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    So what is the Android Tablet of choice for people now?

    The Transformer comes with 16GB or 32GB onboard, and it has a microSD card slot for expansion. The dock/keyboard comes with an additional slot for expansion, but it's a full size SD card slot - easy enough to use with a microSD-to-SD adapter, and also 2 USB ports as well for using USB sticks...
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    So what is the Android Tablet of choice for people now?

    I think if you did a poll of the major 10.1" Android tablet players on the market right now, the Asus Transformer would be in the lead. I can't say by how much, but but but... it's definitely the most capable and most discussed product out there (meaning on the Internet at other sites and...
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    MKV to MP4 doubles file size?

    Avidemux can remux the audio/video streams from an MKV container to an MP4 container with minimal muss and fuss. Select the source file, select the audio and video streams, select the output container, and you're pretty much done.
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    Firefox 6.0 Released

    Firefox 6 is/was slated for official release on August 15, which is basically tomorrow (Monday) but they always end up with the "final" build several days early and someone notes it's posted on their FTP server and then everyone that wants it pounces on it early... That build posted above at...
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    Google, what have you done? (semi rant)

    On the Google Docs page, hover your cursor on the ThumbGen.exe line, it'll alter the line to become highlighted and it'll show the Action option on the far right side, click the little arrow, get the Download, you're done (and yes I see you noted you did that, but but but...) :D I guess that...
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    What does Windows Experience Index do?

    It's because they're wrong, simple. :)
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    What does Windows Experience Index do?

    Here's what the WEI or WinSAT score is supposed to be used for: If you've owned a computer for a while, and you perhaps are or were a gamer at one time, think back to years ago (I mean years, like 10+ years, or longer) when computer games came in real boxes, with real paperwork and real...
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    Will Windows/Linux/OSX ever catch up to BEOS?

    True, but the reason that Amigas were so smooth and so fluid even running at 7.14 MHz (the original A500 had that clock speed on the original Motorola 68000 CPU) was the fact that the hardware itself was multitasking from the ground up. It's tough to explain these days, because most people...
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    Motorola Xoom vs Asus EEE Transformer

    Funny point: was watching something on TV earlier tonight and saw a commercial for the "new" Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" (apparently a new revision, maybe, I don't know) and couldn't help but laugh at how hyper-fast the thing was operating - of course, all the crap we see on the "screen" of the...
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    Will Windows/Linux/OSX ever catch up to BEOS?

    Same way most of us do, I suppose, either apply directly (which is the more recent way with an email to - and I'm not saying that'll work for anyone, but it did in the past when it was active), or by being friends with people at Microsoft, etc. I've been a "beta tester" for...