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    any way i can connect my z-5300e's to my laptop?

    I'm getting a laptop with 2 audio inputs and 1 output, and I was wondering if there was any way I could use my z5300 speakers (currently on my desktop rig with an xfi xtrememusic) with this laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Problem booting with XP

    got it. it was javaquickstarter
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    Problem booting with XP

    would it have something to do with the network connection because of what the errors say?
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    Problem booting with XP

    I checked the event log and got this: "Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 9 service to connect." -- system error. I tried rebooting with this service disabled and then again with it automatic to no avail. "Unable to open the Server service. Server performance...
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    Problem booting with XP

    Hi I've been having this problem where my system essentially hangs at the welcome screen for a bit then displays solely my background for a minute or two with no HDD activity, then loads normally. I tried disconnecting all my USB crap to no avail. I've also run spyware/virus scans in safe...
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    Simple question re SSD maintenance

    Can you PM me it? Thanks a lot. So there's no studdering with these drives? How is samsung with firmware updates?
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    Simple question re SSD maintenance

    Thanks for the confirmation. Can you point me to the exact drive it is?
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    Simple question re SSD maintenance

    for the configs I'm looking at for the m1330, its a $125 upgrade to the 128gb SSD. I'm strongly considering just buying a 60gb vertex for $200 because I'm really worried about system stuttering. Do you guys think that'll be a problem? If not, I'll probably just go with the drive dell gives...
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    GSkill Falcon vs OCZ Vertex

    I understand these drives have the same controller so they probably have the same level of performance, but which one is the better buy? They're both at the same price point ($200 for 60gigs), but I can't find any review directly comparing them nor have I heard much about the gskill in general...
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    Upgraded from my Velociraptor stripe

    i am thoroughly impressed
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    HDTV as a PC Display - I've finally found one!

    can you guys think of any glossy HDTVs 22-26" that are <$450?
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    Does input lag matter in this situation?

    I'm considering buying the Samsung T260HD because I need a tv and a monitor to hook my laptop up to in college. I'm not going to be gaming on this monitor, only using it as a screen for internet surfing, docs, email, etc. I'm aware of how much input lag sucks for gaming, but will it be annoying...
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    Samsung T240HD Review + Pics

    what do you guys think about the brightness? That was the only complaint i saw in earlier reviews.
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    HDTV as a PC Display - I've finally found one!

    haha and i thought a 20" was big
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    Let's hit on another SSD topic, how much is enough for primary HD...?

    yeah im using like 40gigs including a hibernation file