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    Just got nano

    I need to get a case and new headphones for mine. Have a link to those Agent18 cases?
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    Steel 5H vs Icemat

    Love my Steelsound 5H, I don't have the USB version cause I had my X-Fi when I got em. Sold the X-Fi though, so now it sounds like crap on onboard.
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    Need a good bass-y headphones...

    Steelsound 5H.
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    does scythe ninja fit in a lian-li pc-65?

    I think it's almost 6 inches. My 9500 fits with about 2 inches to the window.
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    Best value 80mm fans?

    I like my Panaflow's, don't know exactly what model they are.
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    What happened to the awesome tank battles from battlefield 1942?

    Download version .70 of Forgotten Hope, that mod rocks.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Man, those wires are awesome. Wish mine were that tidy :D
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    Won't shut down?

    It happened on my Grandparent's Gateway, but one day it just stopped doing it :confused:
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    Anyone use 3d max?? If so POST YOUR WORK HERE

    Frylock yeah!!!!!!!
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    Getting P'Oed with my XF-I how is the audigy4 card doing?

    1. It's not an XF-I, it's an X-Fi. 2. Sell it on Ebay like I did mine.
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    Anyone have a Logitech G7?

    Loving mine too! :D I've got 2 4.5g and 4 1.7g weights in it, love the customization.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Looks very nice :)
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    SB Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music - worth buying?

    Was a waste of money to me. I'm building a new computer when the AM2's come out, by then if a new soundcard isn't out, I might invest in a new X-Fi.
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    X-Fi + BF2=Freezing

    Well, I'm selling the X-Fi on Ebay, I don't need it, motherboard audio sounds fine. It might not be the soundcard after all though. I went to see how hot my RAM was, and it was almost too hot to touch. Lowered voltage a little, but I already took out X-Fi and it's boxed up. Maybe when I...
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    SB Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music - worth buying?

    To me anyway, it will just crash(totally LOCK UP) after X amount of time, it's totally random. Read my thread here: