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    Are there any NUC style PCs with dual NICs?

    The Lanner appliances look good but where do you buy these things?
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    Are there any NUC style PCs with dual NICs?

    I've been looking around everywhere and can't find what I'm looking for. Ideally it would be a small compact PC like Intel NUCs with a built in mobile CPU (i3/i5) and at least 2 Intel NICs. The few that I found have Realtek which I'd rather not use for pfSense. Is there anything else...
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    LSI Owner's Thread (SAS/SATA HBA and RAID cards)

    I bought 2 LSI 9271-8i cards, Dell OEM versions dirt cheap. I noticed that it doesn't come with a BBU - if the machine is hooked up to a UPS can I run the card without it without jeopardizing my data?
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    Driver Problem with Dell Latitude e6510

    Broadcom USH - download drivers for Dell Controlvault Ethernet controller - download drivers for Intel PROSet gigabit Network controller - download drivers for the WiFi card that's installed Unknown device - download drivers for free fall sensor
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    ESXi/Hyper-V Server Build

    for starting out with virtualization, scaling to 12 cores/24 threads is a bit excessive. perhaps you should save the $100 and use it for drives. 8 cores/16 threads should be plenty. remember, cpu usage is probably not as important as compared to RAM and disk IO for virtualization. personally...
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    Dell C1100 Server HDD support.

    Nope. they tried to do this with the H700 and removed it due to customer backlash
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    Will vSphere 6 be announced at VM World?

    There's a rumor going around that the memory limitation on free ESXi 5.5 will be relaxed ... any truth to that?
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    The new Mac Pro

    Thanks for your contribution to the thread. Noted.
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    How do I protect the CPU pins

    I have a i7 720QM mobile processor I want to sell. These CPUs still have the pins on them - how can I secure them for shipping? Are there any pin protectors/special cases that I can buy?
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    Dell PERC H700

    Does the PERC H700 work with Advanced Format drives (4KB sectors)?
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    Wait for iPhone5 or get GS3?

    Which Sprint phone allows simultaneous data/voice on CDMA only?
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    D620 docked, two monitors, can laptop be used as third?

    Not possible. Hardware can't handle it. Driver won't let you. You need a USB video card, or an advanced docking station with a PCI video card.
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    Hard drive suggestions

    I thought ESXi didn't support TRM?
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    Hard drive suggestions

    Which would be better for a ESXi home lab setup: 4 250GB WD Scorpio black drives (already own) - OR - 2 500GB WD Caviar black drives (will need to purchase) This home lab computer would be used for primarily learning more about microsoft server products, exchange, system center, etc...