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    Battlefield 2042 live reveal today

    Pre-ordering is worse than an interest free loan. It's giving the reward (money) before the goods (finished game) have been delivered. If they are rewarded before it's finished, what reason do they have to actually deliver a good product? Just collect the money and abandon the project. Or the...
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    Amazon sharing your internet without consent

    Which makes all this even worse because people psy for these devices. They are the product and the customer. They should be getting paid to use these, but people are stupid.
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    RGB All the Things!

    And we wonder why there are chip shortages...
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    Very white paint

    Take that sun! Go back to where you came from. You are unwelcome here.
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    Diablo II Ressurected: Offical Thread

    What kind of FPS? Is there a cap?
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    NVidia announces Grace

    It's not going to trickle down to us. We are the product/information being consumed for someone else's benefit/profit.
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    Customizable controller let's you configure controls

    That's a desk/chair problem. Has nothing to do with keyboard and mouse vs controller. That said, I still do prefer controllers for certain games. Mainly racing and older style RPGs.
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    AMD crowd-sources evidence for the fast-emerging 500-series chipset USB issue

    Outside of some usb 2.0 issues in uefi first few month of initial 300/570x release, I've had no problems. Using 3900x, x570 aorus master and rx 6800 on pcie 4.0. Still not convinced this isn't pebkac or something stupid like pcie risee cables.
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    TSMC to prioritize production of chips for cars, not your next graphics card

    I use my car about once, maybe twice a week at most. I imagine in many cases car usage is down a lot. This probably has to do more with car manufacture revenue and less about needing to meet demands. I thought dealerships were struggling to sell cars now.
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    The Super Nintendo can do Ray Tracing too...with a little help.

    When can I get an emulator to play snes games with ray tracing?
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    Realtek 8822BU wireless + Bluetooth driver - Nonexistent? -- SOLVED!

    Seems to be an OEM chip. Where did you get it from, do they have any drivers? Might be better to look at 3rd party sites, though everything looks 2 or 3 years old. Try one of these maybe...
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    Tesla Full Self-Driving System's Beta Developer Settings Leaked

    Wake me up when I can sleep in my car while self-driving handles snow covered roads and orange-barrel season.
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    Americans of all ages are spending more on video games

    I've been spending less. Games aren't as good anymore. Just a bunch of gotcha crap. :(
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    Big Navi and Ampere Shenanigans!

    I was busy making bicycles... lol Except I was able to get a 6800 within the first couple minutes from at MSRP just fine.