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    seagate hdd error, need advice

    I have another SATA harddrive already, i tried switching their ports, and the cords, neither worked, so i doubt its the MoBo
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    seagate hdd error, need advice

    I just bought a SATAII perpendicular HD 250 gigabyte version Whats happens is i'll install windows with a copy of windows xp, and when the computer restarts i get an error that basically says //windows/root/ hal error, or something very similar to that. I've tried reinstalling windows about 6...
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    sata 2 controller performance

    mmk, thanks
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    sata 2 controller performance

    so i might as well just buy the sata 1.50 gb/s?
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    sata 2 controller performance

    I have the ASUS A8N5X and it only supports up to sata 1.50 gb/s or whatever. My question is if I buy a sata 2 controller such as this would it allow me to gain the performance benefits of the newer standard? Also, is there any...
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    HOT HOT HOT AMD Opteron 144

    : [, yes i plan on getting a new MoBo, PSU, vid card. moving from 7800GS+2x512 generic+1x1024 corsair value select+Epox s754 mobo to 7900GT+same rem+like dfi/msi Mobo.
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    HOT HOT HOT AMD Opteron 144

    not to go too far off topic, but i pulled the trigger and ordered it. would you guys say moving from a64 3000+ newcastle s754 to this is a good upgrade? i could have my 2.0@2.4 with venus12 cooler, noticeable improvement should be expected (gaming at least ) y/n?
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    School Poll

    evga 7800GS agp
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    agp 7800gs underperforming? low benchmarks / oblivion fps - help!

    i have 2.4 AMD athlon, and 7800 GS and i get much better perf. i suggesst messing around with drivers
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    Need advice Geforce 4 Ti 4800 v Geforce FX5200

    x550, maybe the nvidia 6200?
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    Bfg 7800 Gs Oc

    a few weeks ago on a particularly cold night (desktop near window) i got it up to 530/1.45 with stock cooling. open case fan.
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    what games use a 512mb buffer

    Gambino, that is great and all but that only helps show that MORE pipelines will RENDER the same scene/game at a faster rate than a neutered, fewer-pipeline version of the same card. That is all there is to it.
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    9800 Pro to 7800GS?

    I did that. I went 9800 PRO->7800 GS and i do not regret it one bit : }. Def worth the money for me although i got an eVga so i can step it up to a 7900GT when i have the money for s939 PCIE
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    ATI OpenGL performace?

    There used to be a lot of people talking about the complete rewrite of their OGL drivers by late 2006.
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    ATI Readies Massive Price Slash

    this is getting fiery.