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    Audio-Technica ATH-A900X (or AD900) Headphones $128 @Buydig w/

    I'd say it's pretty close universal when it comes to headphones. If you list the top tier headphones, it's a majority of open headphones. It seems like from an audio engineering standpoint, open headphones may be easier to build/control. This isn't always the case, but most manufacturers on the...
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    Ideapad Yoga 11 and 13 finally here, consensus?

    Played around with the Yoga 13 for a few minutes and damn it's sleek. I was skeptical about the whole hybrid laptop thing and windows 8 but just a short while with the environment and I was sold.
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    So an update for folks wondering about other CostCentral buyers... I ordered my pad around 9:30 PST Sunday the 21st and I called about my order since they pulled the hold on my credit card. They said that my order was in processing for shipping and I would get charged as soon as their system...
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    Well I managed a 32gb off OD without backorder. Got a confirmation email, this was about 2.5 hours ago though. Anyone know of places that still have phones in stock?
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    Woot's Stupid BoC

    I managed to successfully get one. Seems like people are starting to hack their way to BOCs instead of playing the game now.
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    HP Pavilion dm1z

    Sorry to interrupt your win 7 vs xp battle, but how's the multi-touch support for the track pad? I asked earlier but it kinda got lost in the commotion.
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    HP Pavilion dm1z

    I've been looking into a dm1z, is there multi-touch support for the touch pad?
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    965 BE or i5 750

    no microcenter in washington :( and online only has i7
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    965 BE or i5 750

    Where the hell would you find a $149 i5? Am I just looking hard enough because that's hard to pass up over a phenom II
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    is that huge trashcan actually usable? lol
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    Who's traded their laptop for a netbook?

    i went from a vostro to a 1000he and i really don't miss much. It does everything I would need with no real impact on performance. Hell, i'd say my laptop experience has improved switching from a 15" core duo system to a netbook. I actually have a functional portable device rather than something...
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    Win 7 Taskbar and pinned programs question

    turn on quick launch and be done with it?
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    Palm Pre comes out June 6th! Its Official!!

    I'm really hoping for a gsm version in the months to come. When/If that hits, I'll upgrade to it most definitely. If not, there's the palm eos is that rumored still for gsm.
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    Dell 12.1 ultraportable 579

    It's not listed on the product pages and the search function says they discontinued that model and might not be honored. Just throwing that out there just in case.
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    Multi-touch gesture laptops

    the thing is that the swirl gesture you're talking about sounds like a single input gesture. It's not like pinch and zoom such as impulse was stating. I'm really curious how many companies have paid licenses or are allowed to implement multi-touch funcitonality.