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    Is this speed fair for WDC 640 blue 5400rpm?

    I have a mbp 2010 with 2 HDDs installed: Intel 80 SSD, and WD640blue as storage drive. I was never satisfy with the 640 due to its incredibly slow speed. I used to dual boot Windows 7 and it would take close to 5 minutes to load up. I got fed up one day and deleted my windows partition all...
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    Red + and Black - speakers?

    Thanks I will check it out. So these kind of speakers must attach to an amplifier in order for them to work? And the amp you suggested looks a little bit too small (both size and power) for these speakers. I know my tiny z5500 satellites each takes around 30-50w of power for them to sound right.
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    Red + and Black - speakers?

    They are Yamaha NS-A2835 speakers. Suggested watts on the back is 10-160W. I can only find the two speakers by themselves and nothing more. I don't really hope to make a complete setup but I want to make use of them since they look like pretty decent speakers.
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    Red + and Black - speakers?

    I found some old speakers in my parent's with red and black clips labeled plus and minus on the back. I don't have much experience with these except for my logitech z5500 system. I know they take speaker wires but I don't know how to set it up so I can play music from my iphone using them. My...
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    Having trouble playing tf2 on a MBP

    I had everything down to the lowest (including res). Here's the spec. TF2 for mac runs even slower than the windows version on the same machine. You get the idea. I think the problem lies in the very tiny vram it has. Is there a way to get around it?
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    Having trouble playing tf2 on a MBP

    Well, I have Windows 7 on my mac. Despite that windowss runs very slowly, I can still manage to play Starcraft 2 without any major problem. But TF2 on the other hand, stutters quite a lot even though I had my settings down to the lowest. I have the early 2010 15" mbp. I played through Mass...
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    X25-M + hybrid sleep?

    I have a X25-M 80GB ssd on my new MBP. I just realized that each time i close my lid, my mac writes everything into the harddrive and save to RAM (aka hybrid sleep/S3 on windows). I am thinking, should I turn it off to preserve life of the SSD? Though I read some articles recently about how...
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    Best cheap ssd for mbp

    I have the X25-M and it works well in with my MBP. I advice putting it in the optibay instead of regular slot due to the vibration of mechanical drives. Though I run my boot camp on the slower drive instead. To be warned, you will have very hard time installing boot camp without internal optical...
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    Best War RTS

    CoH World in conflict isn't much of a RTS.
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    Games for 12 year old?

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    Remote backup?

    Hmm, I don't know if we are on the same age or not. I plan to only take my Macbook with me and leave the rest of the back up bulk at home, where I won't visit often. I know that Atom is the way to go, but considering making a NAS using parts from the P4 age cost me literally nothing ( already...
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    Remote backup?

    I am going to college next year, and I plan to ditch my desktop and go with only a Macbook pro. I want to maybe set up a NAS using spare, outdated parts at home for my family to use. Here's the question, is it possible to enable me to backup the files on my laptop as well using mac softwares...
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    Is my drive normal?

    I agree completely. Just try to copy 2 separate large folders at the same time you will find that it takes a lot longer. I really hope SSD will come down in price in the next few years to replace mechanical completely.
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    Is my drive normal?

    Okay, I ran HD tune 5 more times in safe mode. Only once was I able to get a consistent curve. The other 4 are relatively good but with 1-3 dips down <10mbs like in the picture. Is it normal enough? I really don't want go through the hassel exchanging it if I don't have to.