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    Trying to remember an old DOS game

    Sounds like Journeyman Project could be what you're describing. Here's a playthrough video to further spark your memory (they don't wait around in the beginning apartment to get killed in the video, but I do vaguely that being a thing in this game). The copy of thegame I had was on a cd that...
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    xbox360 + xbone controller?

    [...please ignore/delete.]
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    xbox360 + xbone controller?

    Sorry. I was wrong about that. I had a broken micro usb cable that was giving me trouble before I realized it. I looked on the xbox support site, and must have misread a support article and just kind of figured it was a bizarre design choice. I popped out the batteries of my xb one controller...
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    xbox360 + xbone controller?

    The XB one controller has no wireless support for the PC. You need to connect it to a micro USB cable, The biggest improvement is the dpad, but they improved that on (wireless) 360 controllers sometime in the past year or two, so new 360 controllers have much nicer dpads. I like the XB one...
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    Mortal Kombat X

    This was apparently some kind of test for being able to play part of a game while the rest streamed in the background. The preload only included some basic bits and pieces, and the rest of the game fully unlocked and began to download upon release. This did not work all that well and pretty much...
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    My Steam Games from 2004 to Present

    The store page is still an ugly bloated mess, but you can now customize various sections of the Steam store page so it no longer shows early access games, DLC, and other things you're not interested in.
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    Fallout Online: Ashes of Phoenix Out September 5th

    This is a fan-made product, nothing official. I was really perplexed for a moment until I read the article, as at one point Interplay wanted to make an FO MMO, but that got canned a few years back after a legal tussle with Bethesda. I would love to see a new isometric Fallout with more modern...
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    The Online Careers You Never Knew Existed

    I've seen jobs posted on Amazon's Mechanical Turk service where you get paid a few pennies to watch porn and come up with unique titles for videos. Sadly I don't think it was possible to make more than a couple bucks an hour doing it, and such job postings were pretty rare however :(
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    Why do web browsers use up so much memory?

    What add-ons do you have enabled? That can make a huge difference as well. AdBlock Plus, for example, has an automatic ~60MiB+ overhead, with an add'l ~4MiB per iframe on the page. (regardless of whether the iframe contains ads or not). More details on ABP here
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    Does anyone have an expired but still working ShopRunner account?

    I've got the same thing going on. I signed up when they first opened and got a free year of service. They extended it and gave me a second year free. That expired a week or two ago and I can still get free delivery from (which is the only thing I've ever used the service for). I...
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    Steam - batch game updating possible?

    Steam will automatically download them in the background if you leave the client running. It only updates one title at a time, hence why the others are all paused.
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    Office 2010 no longer on MSDN(AA) - I missed the memo

    I would assume that Microsoft charges universities significantly more for providing Office on MSDNAA, otherwise they would be giving the software away for free and never get anyone to ever purchase the student/university editition. A quick look at various MSDNAA pages for organizations and...
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    The Vampires of Skyrim Dawnguard

    Over reaction much? They did this exact thing with the first DLC release for Fallout 3 and Fallout NV DLC as well. This wasn't unexpected, and it'll only be exclusive for about a month.
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    How does Gothic 4 compare to two worlds 2, dragon knight saga , etc?

    Not every game has to be a AAA title to be enjoyable, and just because it's not a AAA title does not make it a piece of shit. I feel bad for people unable to enjoy an experience for what it is. It must get old always waiting for the next big thing, only to be perpetually disappointed.
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    How does Gothic 4 compare to two worlds 2, dragon knight saga , etc?

    If you don't mind an entirely generic, linear action RPG, Gothic 4 isn't a terrible game. Just don't expect the open world of Gothic 2/3, or anything particularly unique or memorable. If I had to guess, I'd say your average [H]ard gamer would probably hate the game because it was decidedly...