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    best games of all time (PC)

    Cant pick one. My top five: Kings Quest (showing my age) California Games Ultima III WIzardry Tie Fighter
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    I never win anything.....good that is. Count me in pls.
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    A LED That Can Go 80yrs On One Battery?

    Dont be so harsh. In this one; He changed cool to sincere. :p
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    HL2 if anyone wants it

    Gone now. Thanks for looking.
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    Is 2008 shaping up to be a dry year for PC gaming?

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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    Would it be better than my X850? ;)
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    ~PORTAL! Thread~

    When I try to start Portal, after the Valve splash screen, the game exits. I get an error: Game Engine Could not open library client Anyone else seen this, or have a solution? Update: If I try to copy client.dll from one of my other <game>\bin folder to portal\bin, that client.dll is removed...
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    CoreTemp CPU usage

    Task manager and speedfan both show the CPU use between 10-18%. I just noticed that it is not actually coretemp itself that is using the cycles, it's explorer.exe when coretemp is loaded. ??? Weird. I quit coretemp and explorer goes to 00.
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    CoreTemp CPU usage

    Core temp seems to be using (fluctuating) around 20% load on both of my cpu cores. I have an Opty 165@2710. A8N5X MB. Anyone else see anything similar?
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    The game that started it all!

    Ahhh the memories... I used to dial up my buddy (with a PHONE modem) to play Jedi 1 v 1. Sometimes with bots... That game ruled. Not 12 though:eek:
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    The best fighter pilot game out to date?

    +1 Tie fighter comsumed several weeks of my life....
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    Your Top 3 PC games?

    Ultima III (telling my age here...) HL 1 (2 was almost as good) Thief (enjoyed all three, but the first was best)
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    Why isnt my ISP letting me route my cable connection...

    I have a WRT54G, and it does have an option for cloning the MAC or manually entering it. There is a MAC address clone link on the main setup page. I had the same problem as you.
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    20pin, 20+4pin, 24 pin....?!?!?!? :S

    Yep. It's idiot proof. Open holes to the left.
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    20pin, 20+4pin, 24 pin....?!?!?!? :S

    Which pins should be left exposed? Left, or right (assuming the locking clip is the "top")?