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    Samsung 206BW or 226BW?

    From Samsung's website, the only difference seems to be that the 206BW has a smaller pixel pitch which means better image quality. Are the extra 2 inches worth the extra ~$80?
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    Are the rumors about the 2x4 pin connectors on the R600 true?

    So basically anything that works with SLI 8800gtx will most likely work with CF R600 after getting some adapters?
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    Are the rumors about the 2x4 pin connectors on the R600 true?

    If so, should I wait for a PSU with dual 2x4 pin connector for CF R600 or get something decent for now and then upgrade later? The only PSU I see with dual 2x4 pin is the Silverstone Olympia, which isn't even out yet.
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    Which Corsair is better?

    Is that because they can't go that high or because you haven't tried yet?
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    PC P@C Silencer 750 or Silverstone Zeus 750?

    My plan for the future: E6600 - will OC like mad DFI RD600 CF R600 (dreaming) some other stuff that doesn't need to be listed Would a single or quad rail work better for me in a single R600 configuration? What about CF R600?
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    Raptor X for Fast Rig? or other drives?

    So $5 is a waste of money these days?
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750

    My bad. I got caught up in the whole "2 PCIe connectors on the 8800gtx" and thought that the 7950gx2 also had 2 PCIe connectors.
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750

    I just noticed something about this PSU. It's quad certified but it only has 2 PCIe connectors. Anyone care to explain this?
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    Picked up G80's

    Can the G80 do HDR and AA at the same time like the ATI cards can?
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    Picked up G80's

    What PSU are you using?
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750

    Is Fry's selling the black version or the copper version?
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    Auzentech X-Meridian coming!

    Since my rig will mainly be used for games, should I get the X-fi or X-Meridian?
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    Going to get the Z5500 for a future build but don't know which sound card to pick

    My current choices are the Creative X-fi Xtremegamer (one with Xram but no front control panel) and the soon-to-come-out Auzen X-Meridian. Yes, I know that the X-Meridian will kick Creative's butt in sound quality because it's digital. However, based on the reviews of the X-mystique and...
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    LG L204WT: 5ms and 2000:1 contrast

    Is there a black version of the L204wt? Don't want the silver to distract me.
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    How is this cooler? Looking to "maybe" replace my infinity cooler

    Change to a faster fan if you are currently using the stock Infinity fan.