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    Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC) $9.99 @ Newegg

    Link: Lowest price I've ever seen the Legendary Edition. Game activates on Steam.
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    Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid (MX Brown) - $59.99 after $10 MIR

    The TK actually has a numpad
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    Logitech Sale (G500s, G600, G700s and more) @ Amazon

    Anyone have experience with the G710? My current front runner is a Corsair K70, but this Logitech may be worth it for $30 less.
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    Galaxy 2nd Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    The thing I want to see most in a new video card is a smaller, more efficient size. Video cards are getting a bit ridiculous in size.
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    New PC microphone for gaming

    That's what I was thinking would happen with the Zalman. I must say I am kind of disappointed that there are no decent stand-alone microphones in this day and age. Perhaps I will take a trip to Wal-Mart later and pick up another cheap headset. Before I do that, however, does anyone have...
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    New PC microphone for gaming

    I am in the market for a new microphone to use for Vent/gaming. I have been using a cheap Logitech headset for the past few years and the mic has finally started to die. I would prefer to not replace it with another headset because I really only need a microphone. I have a set of Logitech Z5300s...
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    Starcraft 2 runs great at beggining then huge battle = lag

    If you are only using 2gb of RAM, that is likely your problem. I have personally noticed that SC2 usually idles using about 95% of my 2gb of RAM, but my CPU will usually only be around 20-30% (taken from task manager). That is why I ordered 4gb to replace it.
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    Best DDR3 ram?

    +1 for Corsair. It is the only brand I have used in my desktop. When I was too poor to afford the XMS series, I had the Value Select series and had zero issues with it.
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    My Corsair 800D

    I can't really give much in the way of suggestions, but I do like how clean the inside of your case looks. That case has some great cable management.
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    Logitech G500 Mouse Pad Recommendation

    I picked up a random $15 mouse pad from BestBuy a few years back that I have enjoyed quite a bit. The main surface is made of a hard plastic that has given me no problems, and it is very durable because the plastic surface is surrounded by metal. The only real drawback is that the silver paint...
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    Playstation Plus

    Like others have pointed out, most, if not all subscription services tend to enroll you in auto renew. There should definitely be an option to turn it off though.
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    Gears of War pc multiplayer question

    That is great to hear, but I honestly was not that surprised when I read that Microsoft required a gold subscription to play the Windows copy. I hope it never happens, but it would not be surprising if it did.
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    The Official "Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty" Thread

    2gb has been enough for EVERY game I have run. Technically, it is also enough for Starcraft 2 but I am tired of the long loads / beginning of game lag. I just wish Starcraft spread its use of hardware around a bit more. I have not seen it use more than 30% of my e6550.
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    Redbox Launches Blu-ray Rentals

    Technically, I also have not seen The Last Airbender as I walked out 15 minutes into it to get a refund :)
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    Redbox Launches Blu-ray Rentals

    Nah. It can't really be that bad. Plus, my perceptions are generally influenced by the amount of money I have to pay to watch the movie. If I am only paying a dollar to watch it, I'm sure I will enjoy it enough to get my money's worth. It can't be any worse than The Last Airbender