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    Your CPU progression

    Ones I've personally owned: AMD Athlon 3600+ AMD Phenom II 955 BE Intel i5-2500k OC to 5.2 AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Honestly I thought I had owned more, but thinking back that covers about 20 years 🤔 Of course I used computers back to a 286
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    3.2 billion email passwords leaked

    This article sent me on a quest to begin to better understand Priviledged Access Management (PAM) at an individual and family level. I've always been squeamish about storing logins locally, but it's led to breaking some of the best practices out there. So I set out to learn how password managers...
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    Someone on this forum was an absolute gem and sold me a 1080ti for a very fair price when I posted a WTB for a specific card model. People on here are pretty awesome - maybe you can find a fair buy/trade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    I have a 1080ti running dual 4K screens, and I haven't as of yet found something I couldn't play with decent frames. Might not be playing the most demanding games, but it's still an excellent card.
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    1700, 2700, 2700X?
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    1700, 2700, 2700X?

    1700 and moderate OC The difference between 1700 and 2700 was minimal. Not worth the price increase in my opinion. Most memory issues were fixed on first gen Ryzen by firmware updates.
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    1060 6GB or 480 8GB?

    1060 has better performance than 480. Difference between 6GB and 8GB shouldn't be noticeable at 1080p. Here's a vid.
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    Lol @ what ASUS RMA sent me... Rampage VI

    Had a 6990 back in the day from ASUS that started artifacting pretty hard. So I shipped it back to them, but not before putting a tiny permanent marker inscription somewhere they'd never find it. I get my replacement - it's the same card - still artifacts. So I ripped them a new one and told...
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    Quality of AMD Motherboards

    I use the Taichi, it's been solid.No problems and hit all the memory/clock speeds promised. Great feature set on it too.
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Sure, that base clock increase is great, no qualms there. It's the people who are excited about running at 5Ghz that I'm posting that for because realistically, the difference between running 4.7 vs 5.0 on a single core will be negligible. How many applications do you know of that would benefit...
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Just smoke and mirrors folks. It's only 5GHz on ONE core.
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    Can vmware esxi do this? multiple & different OS at the same time?

    Yes, VMware's free ESXi platform can do what you want. The only limit to the number of virtual machines on one server is the resources you have available.
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    Should I cash out at $475? ETH

    Just circling back around on this comment. ETH $724 and counting.
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    [H] AMD Mafia

    That's some awesome memory isn't it? Just apply the XMP profile and boom. Well, I can't add anything else that wasn't stated by others.
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    [H] AMD Mafia

    What memory are you using and what is it clocked at? Ryzen benchmarks tend to increase in some applications the faster the memory gets.