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    Why didn't I go dual SMP sooner?

    No it is not Intels fault (Well only a little 50-200ppd depending how fast your PC is & the WUs.) Stanford's software is the real problem. AFAIK MPI doesn't scale well. Nehalem isn't going to fix it either. It just gets worse as the processor performance increases. Instead of the todays common...
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    Question about backing up

    You can use a simple .bat file or choose from a million backup applications. Read this.
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    synctoy - good or not

    xcopy and a .bat file will work. This is what I use. The backups are small & the .bat file automatically deletes old backups. Nothing needs to be compressed. That just adds an extra step. Its very easy to restore (copy &paste.) You can...
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    Ubuntu question: how many SMP clients to run?

    I tried Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse and a few other distros and the PPD was about the same for all. Xubuntu does use a little less RAM but doesn't fold any faster. I would only recommend X for PCs that don't have much RAM. I prefer Kubuntu. I used 2 SMP clients...
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    Can't overclock past 3.2GHz on my E6750 with P35-DS3R

    Way to mess up a thread! Read the title of the THREAD AGAIN (past 3.2GHz ) not (3.2GHz) CPU mulitpler (8x) X CPU host/FSB (450) = 3.6 If the system memory multiplier SPD is set at 2.0 then his RAM would be @ 900
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    Can't overclock past 3.2GHz on my E6750 with P35-DS3R

    What are your temps like?? idle &load Are you sure your RAM isn't contributing to your problem?? Try memtest86 What are your RAM timings? Did you try 1.47? Whats your Vdrop look like?
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    Need help overclocking

    USE THE BIOS. Read & learn before you try anything. here's another newbie guide
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    can anyone beat these temps?

    Can you see the temp in the BIOS???
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    can anyone beat these temps?

    Try using speedfanbeta. The normal version reports the wrong temps! Another program would be nice too.
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    Can't overclock past 3.2GHz on my E6750 with P35-DS3R

    Everything is reseting because your manual arrangements are crap. You should be happy that board is n00b proof & resets itself automatically :) You should have included the following info: What BIOS are you using? What voltages are you using? CPU/MCH/DDR/FSB What are your idle & load temps...