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    Help! Need wireless N router with stable VPN client/gateway!

    Can anyone recommend a decent wireless N router that offers an SSL or IPSEC VPN gateway built in preferrably with a clientless or web based vpn software? The only thing I can really find is the NETGEAR SXRN3205
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    Acronis True Image Home 11 $9.99

    Putting some of these questions to rest. I have been using this software for a long time. This new version 11 supports the ich9 intel stuff so that it can detect your newer chipsets and drives properly. you can MAKE a bootable cd from within the software so don't pay for media. you can even...
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    Is the 260 the exact same size as the 9800GTX?

    Yeah pretty obvious. What about size? I should be ok right?
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    Is the 260 the exact same size as the 9800GTX?

    I have a 9800 GTX in my case and it BARELY fits. I want to step up to a 260 but I am worried that any change in dimension will cause it to not fit in my case. Are the size and dimension of these 2 cards identical? Also is the performance of a 260 better than a 9800gtx @ 1920x1200?
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    Nvidia Scaling broken since 169.04 - Any solutions?

    This is th eonly thing preventing me from buying a new card right now. I am sticking with ATI until this is resolved in vista since I want an 8800gts 512 for my htpc and I need to be able to correct overscan.
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    Custom Resolutions for overscan correct working now with 8800 and Vista?

    Can anyone confirm for me that custom resolutions are now working properly with vista for correcting overscan when connected to an HD Television? This problem was out there for a long time and I can't seem to find confirmation that it has been resolved in recent drivers. Can anyone confirm?
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    Does 8800 series let you correct overscan/custom res with 32bit vista drivers yet?

    with vista? PERFECT! Now i can pull the trigger on an 8800gts G92
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    Does 8800 series let you correct overscan/custom res with 32bit vista drivers yet?

    I am building an htpc with the 8800gts 512MB since I also want to be able to game on it. Has the issue been fixed in the vista 32bit drivers to allow me to correct for overscan on my HDTV?(XBR2 60" Sony) I heard this was a huge problem with 8800 series. Has it been fixed yet for vista 32bit? As...
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    5 Star RPGs I might have missed on PS2? Help me choose 1 to play on PS3.

    Since Lair is a complete and utter dissappointment I need something else to play other than warhawk. I have played FF10, FF12, DQXIII, Rogue Galaxy all of which I loved. Can you guys suggest a PS2 RPG that is as good as these or similar that I can play on my PS3 while I wait for more PS3...
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    I take back anything bad I ever said about PS3

    they didn't rip out rumble to add motion. Please review the facts. panic? I think someone just said.. "eh... thats a neat little thing. lets see if we can add it to appease those who might be interested." I highly doubt they said, "OH MY GOD WE NEED TO ADD THIS OR THE PS3 WILL SUCK."...
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    I take back anything bad I ever said about PS3

    Im sorry but the wiimote is not revolutionary. its gimicky and to say the wii is every bit of next gen as a 360 or ps3 is pretty neive. its a kids/family console plain and simple. as I said, I can name off a half a dozen gamers I know that ran out and bought a wii including myself who also...
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    I take back anything bad I ever said about PS3

    wii is neat. its a good console for some fun family games. for me it was neat for about 5 minutes and most people I know have it sitting collecting dust while they continue to hardcore play there ps3 or xbox 360. It is NOT a gamers console and never will be. I really wish people would STOP...
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    Anyone use Gamefly?

    theya re based in nevada or california I believe. This is good for west coast people but my experience has been absoultely horrible from the midwest(wisconsin miwaukee). I have heard east coast users should not even bother. It was taking me on average 7-9 days for them to register a game as...
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    Sony has the WORST support policies ever

    I hold true to my original statement that this thread is stupid and pointless. Yes Sony does not crossship but who cares? They process "most" RMAs within a day and ship overnight. I personally had to get a replacement PS3 and had one 3 days after I shipped mine out. And as I originally...
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    Sony has the WORST support policies ever

    I'm calling bullshit on this thread. First of all if yoru system is DOA any authorized reseller will exchange it no questions asked! Second of all if you made sure and told sony that it was DOA brand new they WILL send you a brand new one. I had mine die on me not DOA and I had a new PS3...