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    [Build Log] Case Labs ST10 Project "HardLine"

    Awesome setup!!
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    120mm PWM fans for CPU heat sink

    Just get any good fan(s) you like with descent performance and that meets your choice of styling & color.
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    Looking for a efficient non tower cooler

    Nothing can beat Noctua C12P-SE14 And Noctua C14 (height could be an issue here)
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    Now that Haswell is close to release, can we start talking about Broadwell?

    There is no confirmation regarding that. All we have is some random rumor..
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    Crucial m4 Bricked... warning

    Just RMA it, man!!
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    Seasonic X-850 (Corsair AX850) $110 AR

    Great find. Excellent deal. +1.
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    Video Card Upgrade

    HD7850 or even HD7870 would be great update from that GTX640 that you are currently using.
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    Intel i5 or i7 for gaming? Or even AMD?

    For gaming? Get i5-3570K. And if you can find any deal for older I5-2500K under $100, take it!
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    About the price of the 3930k

    It won't happen, ever! So stop dreaming.
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    New AMD chipset???

    Nobody knows. And there is no news related to new chipset release. No leaks, nothing.
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    ~$300 for a nice Video Card

    Wait a minute, I've found one under $300. Here it is: (better) and (should be 2nd priority)
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    ~$300 for a nice Video Card

    HD7950. If you can't find any under $300, wait for discount offers from newegg. You will surely get one.
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    No sound with hdmi cable

    Did you try to change the HDMI cable you are using?
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    3dx Voodoo5 6000 Second Aircooler Edition