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    Acer Predator XB271HU 27" IPS G-Sync Monitor for $442 after discount

    Got one of these from the Costco deal posted here a while back. Love it.
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    Galaxy in stock
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    galaxy in stock
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    Do the Intel boards last long?

    I've had all good luck with intel based boards
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    Sandy Bridge.... Fresh install or just upgrade

    i prefer fresh installs, good luck
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    Trying to select a Motherboard (1155)

    I'd wait for a while
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    Sandy Bridge Recall

    big mess this is
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    Supermicro Sandy Bridge boards leaked

    been waiting for these!
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    Intel P67/H67 Bug - Faulty Chipset

    this is going to be a mess
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    Intel : Exchange H67 with Z68

    Free upgrade for the trouble seems reasonable.
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    returning 2600k and p8p67 pro

    good luck