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    Cheapest way to virtualize old Windows 2000 database server?

    My best experience migrating a legacy system into a VM was with Acronis True Image with Universal Restore. I took the drive out of an old P4 Dell running XP, imaged with True Image, created a VM, booted from the recovery iso, and used universal restore feature. Worked pretty darn well, much...
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    12v motherboard with most features (as close to normal A/ITX board) available

    Might want to look into the Intel NUCs, some run of 12V power according to this review: Only 1 sata port, but there is USB3 on board.
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    Windows 10 Boot time very slow...but games improved?

    1. Windows has a bit of a habit of delaying boot up processes a bit to reduce I/O overload (in my experience). I would just test with the stop watch and if it's under 30 seconds to desktop after BIOS, things are good. 2. Newer built in drivers?
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    Free Font Automatically Redacts NSA Surveillance Trigger Words

    Sir, I swear I never said those words!
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    How long did it take you to like Windows 8?

    When I got startisback, which came about 3 months after launch or so. The lower ram usage, faster boot, and faster installs made me switch. Also not having to deal with 4 years of extra updates and crap.
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    Browsers and memory usage

    I've noticed this too. Windows and applications will make use of the extra available ram as buffers and caches, rather than too read from storage and process through the CPU, it can near instantaneously get it from RAM. Unused RAM is wasted RAM, as RAM can be flushed extremely quickly.
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    Spend a Week Inside the Dark Web

    Brb, gotta go to Virginia check out their steam tunnels.
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    Comparison of AS5 vs. MX-4 on Haswell i7-4790K

    Nice research! Interesting conclusion versus other shootouts... Tom's Review Hardware secrets
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    Need to defrag SSD revisted due to files becoming corrupted

    That is not normal whatsoever. I would RMA the drive ASAP after backing up your data.
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    Secure web form with hosting?

    Minimum is SSL/TLS security, and some good security hardening from the hosting company. I would use Google Docs for forms if you're on a shoestring budget, or give Wooforms a try (heard they're good, but haven't used it for myself -
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    IPV4 address: worth keeping?

    Not sure if trolling, but funny nonetheless :P
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    Texture-less games

    What about orange_ maps in CS:S, DOD:S, and TF2? Just throwing it out there...
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    Any1 has a sound sample WAV file of 45dB?

    I think he's looking for a 45hz tone. Here's a link
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    Tf700T Stock, Super Laggy/useless, Is CM way to go?

    With CM11, the tablet is moderately usable, just be careful when multitasking too much, or have a lot of background tasks.
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    Tf700T Stock, Super Laggy/useless, Is CM way to go?

    The problem is that the storage is slow as bananas, and CM11 did help, but keep the google account sync to an absolute minimum.