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    Another "Which PSU?"

    i recomend OCZ power supplies, they are cheaper than Corsair but still very reliable, i have had the modxstream and stealthxtreme and they are awsome, i now have a corsair but i dont see any difference
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    Blue LED Danger?!

    haha old case had like 4 cathode's in it, and i sleep and work next to it- i should be dead :)
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    Your favorite Apps (ipod touch/iphone)

    Flight control and finger physics !
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    Heatsink Purchase Decision + Reviews

    its all about megahalems!
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    Best ATX Mid or Full tower case for HD 5970

    What about the storm scout - it fits a gtx 260 in there....JUST
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    Sleeving PSU cables- What braiding?

    wow thanks for the help, i will go for that kit
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    Motherboard Decision

    yeah all 1156 motherboards have dual channel, get a 4gb kit also i think the usb 4 and sata 6.0 will allways limit the transfer of PCIe because they all run of the same thing. if you want to overcome all these problems go with an i7-920 build, they used 1366 motherboards, tri channel ( so you...
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    Iphone shenanigans

    i went into an apple store with an ipod touch that was broken, and they just replaced it...because the home button was loose! i had it for quite a few years, and i want even the original owner, seems they replace things when they feel like it ? - but they did check the warrenty status..
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    i7 920 Memory recommendations

    Just wanted to say, i have had a great experience with OCZ tri channel kits, super reliable and i have never had issues overclocking with them :)
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    Sleeving PSU cables- What braiding?

    i want to sleeve my psu cables, individually - so there are like 24 individual sleeved wires coming out of the psu but what mm diameter brading should i buy is 3mm - stretchable to 5mm ok?
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    The android market - whats it like?

    - so how come games are better looking on the iphone, even though the android devices are have much more powerfull hardware?
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    X58 motherboard recommendation

    yup the gigabyte boars are awsome, super stable! i have the ex58-extreme and it overclocks like mad!
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    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    wow this thread is still going strong :) its me Antipesto93 from ocf btw :)
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    pci blower fans - cool air INTO case. any recommendations

    i cant imagine that spotcool working well, it just circulates air, its not an exhaust or anything. why can you use a pci fan the blows air out the case? it will just such hot air away from the raid card heatsink or just place a 80mm fan on the floor of your case, standing upright, blwing...
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    The android market - whats it like?

    hey, im getting a HTC Hero very soon, and i have previously owned the ipod touch, and i love the app market, there is a huge range of games, but what is the android market like compared to the 'app store' i understand its not 'as good' but what do you people think of it?