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    Samsung 950 Pro vs Samsung 960 EVO 512Gb

    What size? The larger SDDs are also faster compared to smaller drives in the same series. You're getting more space and speed as you go higher up the product line. At first glance it appears the specs indicate the 960 EVO would surpass the 950 Pro in performance (if both drives were 512 GB).
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    Group of AI's Produces Death Metal Album

    I don't regularly listen to death metal, but as a musician I'm pretty open-minded about music in general. This is fairly impressive for AI. They could have picked an easier category of music to play, but didn't. 10 years from now it may be quite difficult to distinguish AI-generated music...
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    Gamergate Movie In Development, May Star Scarlett Johansson

    Zarathustra[H] - that was summarized so eloquently I thought I was listening to Paul Harvey. *applause*
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    New build feedback request

    My only suggestion is you might want to consider trading size for speed regarding your memory selection. Your MB can handle all the way up to DDR4 3400 and your currently targeting DDR4 2400. The sweet spot for price/speed/size right now is around 16 GB of DDR4 3000. You may not need 32 GB...
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    Animated Short Film of the Day

    Thanks for posting that! :D
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    Minecraft Creator Is Unhappy Being A Billionaire

    Then he should donate it and help other people. People with very little money have been doing that for a long time and finding it makes their lives more meaningful. It doesn't surprise me that yet another guy is learning that money alone won't make you happy. But it's up to him to find out...
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    Americans Can’t Seem To Stop Pointing Lasers At Planes

    With great power comes great responsibility - unfortunately Americans can't even be trusted with a cat toy. I'm curious how many of these fools are kids versus adults. Kids are going to do stupid things, even after their parents tell them not to. The adults really have no excuse (other than...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    I prefer Seasonic's power supplies because of their unparalleled quality. They just work and they work well! :cool:
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    ASUS Z97 Mark S Lucky Draw

    I really like hard drives. :D 1 SSD is for my work OS (C#, SQL, MVC.NET etc). 1 SSD is for my gaming OS. And the big RAID 10 array is for all my documents, code, databases, movies, music, save game back ups etc. The nice thing about keeping two separate OS's for work and play is you...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    After RMAing an expensive, but troublesome high end motherboard, I finally replaced it with an ASUS motherboard. I was now able to run my system with a motherboard that utilized the latest and greatest features except without all of the problems! ASUS makes great boards!
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    Drones 1, Nature 0, Assists (Human) 1

    That was a clutch save! :D
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    Antec EDGE 750W Power Supply Lucky Draw

    Because a high quality Antec PSU would fit so perfectly into my favorite Antec case - it would be a match made in heaven. I admit it - I'm a an Antec fanboy. I will only buy cases and fans made by Antec. Their cases are visually attractive and very convenient. Their fans are awesome: they run...
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    Black Holes Do Not Exist

    It sounds to me like what she is saying is that Stellar Mass black holes are impossible. It didn't say anything about the SuperMassive black holes which they've found evidence of at the center of every galaxy they've searched for them in. The article might be misnamed just to make it more...
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    Gamers Use Police Hoax To Lash Out At Opponents

    Where did Dr. Kimberly Young get her psychology degree? Because it was certainly NOT on planet Earth. Dear Doctor, the people making these calls are not confused - they are d-bags of the highest order who know better and need to be taught a lesson. What should become part of the punishment is...