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    Stream Xbox One Games To Any Windows 10 Device

    ive read they are already planning on using azure to give computing power to games (cloud driven ai, distrubuted real time rendering... that sort of thing). but they want to rule the living room. you need a box to rule the living room. i think the concept of a gaming console still stands...
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    Stream Xbox One Games To Any Windows 10 Device

    the only problem with that is that microsoft has shifted and wants to be a hardware company now. i think they should be. yes, like any other company, they have their problems, but i think they make really good hardware. reports are saying they are possibly working on what youre talking...
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    Hot? Unlocked Amazon Fire Phone $229 today

    thats because fire os is a fork android. no google apps because google doesnt allow its apps on forks of android.
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    plants vs zombies garden warfare pc 18 bucks

    deal seems dead. can someone else verify?
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    Steve Ballmer Officially The New Owner Of The Clippers

    the old owner was the biggest problem the clippers actually did really really well last season and theyve done really really well in previous seasons. but in the past, after a good season the owner would split up, trade off, and sell really good players because he was crazy. the clippers...
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    AT&T Finally Delivers On 1Gbps Promise In Austin

    what kills me is im in anaheim, on one of 2, straight FTTP rollouts they have on teh uverse network and the fastest i can get is 18mb/s they have nothing but excuses for me about getting more speed. The last one was "if we turn it op, it could fry the fiber box"
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    Crysis 3 Lead Producer Mike Read Leaves Crytek

    couple days behind in the news bro. crytek paid all their staff's back wages after securing new funding. link from kotaku
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    NSA Recruiting College Students

    exactly this
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    Tesla Will 'Open-Source' All Its Patents

    i believe tesla's sub 30k car is planned after the model x is rolled out
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    Woman Assaults Man For Taking Pictures With A Drone

    heres a link to her arrest
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    Woman Assaults Man For Taking Pictures With A Drone "CT News reports that Mears was arrested by Environmental Conservation Police on May 12 and charged with third degree assault and second-degree breach of peace."
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    Valve Announces SteamOS

    whoops forgot to add that his publishers said their biggest barrier was that there was not a really good debugger for developer on Linux. so gabe threw some of his developers on fixing that problem based on commitments from his publishing partners. this ones kind of a huge deal. I means valve...
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    Valve Announces SteamOS

    you guys really need to watch gabe giving this keynote last week. it will answer a lot of questions and clear up a lot of misconceptions im reading in this thread. a few i'll clear up. hes been working with his aaa publishers that are already...
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    'World of Warcraft' Patch 5.4 Launches Tuesday

    did you seriously just link a forbes article as your go to for gaming news?
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    Google Co-Founder Affair Raises Ethical Issues

    how the fuck is this news? I could give a shit what someone at some tech company does in the bedroom. make with the cool shit that lights up and draws fast polygons. this isn't tmz and shit jesus