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    [MICROCENTER] I9 10900KF $329.99 Store pick up only

    My MC is showing availability to pre-order i7-11700K@$400 and i5-11600K@$270 for pickup in-store March 30th
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    iPhone 12

    hold my breath for touchID returning again soon or my 12 Pro arriving on Friday ? the new phone parts a done deal, it's set for in-store pickup. The lack of touchID is my concern but I wasn't willing to wait another year for a maybe, but it's only because faceID will be new (to me) and I like...
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    iPhone 12

    per-ordered a 12Pro for Friday, coming from an 8. Was holding out for touchID but wasn't willing to hold out for another year (at least)
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    my microcenter shows 1 in stock still but you can't add it to your cart for 30 minute pickup
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    Add graphics card to my PC (non-gamer)?

    yes on using both, in BIOS on most MB's you decide which is the primary video, integrated iGPU or PCIE, if you choose PCIE (the add in card) you can then select if you want the igpu disabled or not and use both. That actually sounds like software decoding pushing the cpu utilization way up...
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    Iptorrent Invites

    ditto above, just tried to login and my account had been deleted... ugh anybody have a spare IPTorrent invite, crap part is I had like 3 invited sitting in my own account - thx
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    iPad Air (2019) vs iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)

    FYI The survey needs to be corrected, there isn't a 10.7" iPad. There was the original 9.7 Pro, replaced by the gen 2 10.5" Pro version which is what I"m thinking you're polling about, and replaced again with the 11" facetime instead of touch ID format last fall along with the Air coming out...
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    What happened to the i7-7700K's at Microcenter ?

    They show available and in-stock in both Atlanta stores
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    9 PC utilities available for free

    good through Nov 5th
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    Definitely NOT hot GTX 1060 3 pack

    I was hoping to pick up 1060 on sale, glad I only need one lol
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    Amazon tech on sale today only at Best Buy

    they've got the echo stuff down at what the prime day sale was, 1/2 off the big Echo down to $90
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    Mobil 1 EP 0W20 5qt - $3.85AR (Limit 2)

    had the same reaction, but none of the major auto parts places in the SE like Advance Auto, autozone, or O'riellys are listed either also, heads up the store locator is totally flaky - put in my zip, not avail within 50 miles, tried the next zip north and came up with 4 stores, tried 1 over and...
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    4tb 105 Bucks

    The pictures, not sure how accurate that is, are of 2 different models - ending with DM005 and LM024 plus the MC one is a 3.5 inch and the amazon one is a 2.5 so probably not the same drive