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    Hey dude, thanks for the google wave invite!

    Hey dude, thanks for the google wave invite!
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    E2160 + Ultra Microfly: Overclocking HSF Possible?

    I have a Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme in my's really not that big of a deal. What saves you the most space is actually moving the hard drive to the second optical bay. Also, modular PSU is key...
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    1st look on asus P5K-VM: G33 matx board

    i would try wake by PCI devices...technically, the internal network card is a PCI device, even though it's built in. also, under device manager in windows, go to the nic's properties...under advanced, turn on "wake from shutdown" and under power management, turn on "allow this device to wake...
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    1st look on asus P5K-VM: G33 matx board

    Are these too high? (CoreTemp temps in parentheses) T = Speedfan (CoreTemp) Tload = 42 C (57 C) Tidle = 27 C (42 C) Tambient = 26 C No OC, everything auto. Setup: E4300, XP-120, Microfly with extra 120s (1 in, 1 out), HX520, P5K-VM, Ballistix, new bios (0601?). Thinking my XP-120...
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    Motherboard Tray

    here ya go... LINK
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    Newegg deals 10/8/07

    Are you guys stocking the Thermalright Ultima 90? I couldn't find it on the site... Thanks!
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    Default is 1.8V for all DDR2...
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    I think you need to up your voltages, especially your Vdimm...
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    1st look on asus P5K-VM: G33 matx board

    care to throw a little english explanation out? what did they do? what materials are needed? thanks in advance!
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    1st look on asus P5K-VM: G33 matx board

    Most peeps have had more OC success on this board using add-on vid cards. The PCI lock is sort of a dumb question, which is why nobody really answered I'm guessing, but if you look at the 1st page of this thread, there're screenshots by PVHK that show all the settings and one of them is PCIE...
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    Intel DG33TL micro ATX

    I think the assumption, that, this being an Intel brand board, it won't have any OC options. They usually disable the OC options on their board, as far as I've experienced anyway.
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    that thing's HUGE!!!!!!!!! mini? It's what, maybe 2 inches shorter than a P180, and maybe 2 inches less deep, same width. that's no SFF...that's a mid-tower! lol
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    Sg03 + GA-G33M-DS2R + Q6600 = too hot?

    Here's a post on Ars that I found: "I was getting full load temps of 73/71/70/74 @3.04Ghz, on stock HS, stock voltage, and 21c room. Now I'm getting full load temps of 62/58/60/63 @3.2Ghz, Tuniq Tower HS, .03v...
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    newegg deals

    have you seen the reviews on this board? 33% 1s and 2s!! That board might be a deal at 50 bucks, maybe.
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    newegg deals

    How 'bout some MATX love? If you could put free shipping or some sort of deal on any of the following 3 boards, I'll buy one! Asus P5K-VM Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R MSI G33M-FI Thanks!