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    Xen(Server) VGA passthrough issue

    Having some troubles with (VGA) passthrough on the Intel NUC (haswell i5, D54250WYKH). I know from several reports that performing VGA passthrough works on this NUC but I'm having some difficulties. I've had at least some success using the Xenserver Creedence beta 3, I'm able to hide the PCI...
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    Ethernet cabling in new house? Shielding, Cat 5/6/7/fiber?

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the responses. I really can't figure out how I, even in the future, would be limited by 1 Gb/s considering that this will be a vacation house. I could imagine getting 10 Gb/s between my desktop and the fileserver within a few years but that's not something...
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    Ethernet cabling in new house? Shielding, Cat 5/6/7/fiber?

    I was wondering what kind of network cables you would want in a new (small) house? Regular (unshielded) cat6? From what I've heard shielding will result in: 1. Much stiffer cables. 2. Only drawbacks regarding performance unless every piece of cable and device in the network is properly shielded...
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    Is this true? DVI question

    As I said, 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz was considered max before. And 2048x1536 @ 85 Hz requires more bandwidth than 2560x1600 @ 60 Hz so I'm not sure what your point is. Wrong.
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    Is this true? DVI question

    In what sense are they wrong? 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz was at first considered to be the roof of DVI, but reduced blankings have improved on that. I'm not sure about the question, the frequency in which the monitor is displaying the content is the same as the maximum number of frames per second it...
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    Why Eyefinity is not for me.

    Not officially. If I remember correctly you can sometimes do it if the game lets you resize the window in windowed mode, perhaps something to check out but PLP (portrait landscape portrait) setups are not supported by AMD. So the short and official answer is (unfortunately): no.
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    Why Eyefinity is not for me.

    Use the keyboard instead? But not all types of games are suitable for eyefinity. I wouldn't play tetris on eyefinity even if I could... I don't really see the point with games such as civ and eyefinity. At least not in landscape.
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    Why Eyefinity is not for me.

    Isn't that all that eyefinity is made for? You are not supposed to look at the other two monitors, you are supposed to look at them with your peripheral vision. If you want to check something out to the left/right use your mouse (or whatever you use to navigate in the game) just as you would...
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    HDR monitor

    It gives you a higher dynamic range. The different exposures are just a way to capture a high dynamic range with equipment that normally isn't capable of capturing a high dynamic range, to show it you must be able to reproduce it in some way and thats why they need a special backlight.
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    Why do laptops have *good* AG coatings and desktops suck?

    Best explanation I've come across. (although I do not share your opinion on glossy screens displays, I can't imagine any scenario I'd prefer glossy over matte)
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    LED vs CCFL

    If LEDs can be dimmed better than CCFL then thats a huge advantage, and really the only advantage worth mentioning for desktop use in my opinion. Since all LCDs come with backlights designed for solariums you have to turn them down a lot for them to be usable, and since thats a problem with...
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    Unable to turn off 3008WFP if used with DP and 6950

    Hi I've recently bought a new graphic card (AMD 6950), and one specific reason for why I chosed that card was because I wanted to drive my three monitors with one graphic card. This forces me to use displayport for one display and since the 3008WFP has a displayport input I thought I was all...
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    Dell U3011 - What matches up along the side?

    You want 2007FP, not 2007WFP. You do not want widescreen.
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    Seen this? 21.5" and 23" e-IPS are 6bit + A-FRC

    Hmm, I wouldn't think that 60 Hz was anywhere near enough to do dithering. The monitor would just barely be able to switch between the colors completely before the next frame is received. To me it feels like it'd rather be something like conditioning or something, dither on the graphic card...
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    Why do laptops have *good* AG coatings and desktops suck?

    Laptops almost exclusively use TN panels, and for some reason desktop TN panels doesn't seem to be as affected as the more expensive IPS panels. Why that seems to be the case I have no clue but it might be related. And as you pointed out, the AG coating found on many desktop displays just...