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    SLI Question

    What are you talking about? It has 4GB. Please dont rehash this bs. The way to explain this is that the device IDs must match. So the same GPU must be on each board. If you have different memory amounts or different clocks on those two, thats fine, but they will be matched at the value that...
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver 361.43 WHQL

    Nope. Older generations of hardware needed higher clocks for multi display or high refresh rates. New generations don't.
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    Nvidia publicly bashing Stardock developer over an ALPHA level game

    Simply not true. TressFX code was not present in any advance copies of the game that NVIDIA received. The developer was contractually obligated not to share it with NVIDIA. Only the final advance copy had it present, right when the game shipped, and it caused crashing issues on NVIDIA hardware
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    What AMD does vs WHat nVidia does...

    Hardware limitation, not shadiness. Pre-Kepler, they could only drive two heads from a single GPU at any given time.
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    Dell Is Back

    I just got mine and its fucking sleek. Loving it so far. Going to buy a second one for work with the high res display. It's funny that this article comes up now because I was just thinking the same thing when I got the product... "Wow Dell is really coming back strong".
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    How VMware And NVIDIA Can Bring Your Work To You

    But how do you handle interactive 3D when virtualized? A big part of this is having the driver and software work together to not only lower input latency, but to be able to get realtime framerates for renders, unlike what something like VNC would do, which is a high level shitter and slower...
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    How VMware And NVIDIA Can Bring Your Work To You

    It's not talking about that. It's talking about the crowd of people that need GPU acceleration for their work. Architects, game designers, product designers, movie studios, etc.
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    Virtual Tour Of Paris Using Unreal Engine 4

    What would you rather watch from the couch? TV?!?
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    Obviously I understand this. But I know enough about the system architecture to tell you it simply doesn't happen. There is no frame to frame variance caused by having data in slower memory. How could you possibly think that? It will read from that data the same way every frame, with the same...
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    Wrong. You can access all 4GB just like on any other GPU. Plain and simple. You're rejecting reality. Anandtech and PCPer confirmed it.
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    No it's not, there is zero proof of this other than a bunch of people going through placebo effect. Where was this hitching and stuttering in the reviews? Where was it for the countless users over the last 4 months?
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    You don't buy the GPU for clocks you buy it for performance which is thoroughly documented across countless reviews. It's like freaking out because NVIDIA doesn't run their GPUs at full clocks all the time, and instead scales them based on usage. You paid for full clocks but you're not getting...
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    It doesn't have less memory than advertised. Wow some people live in an alternate reality.
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    No that's not accurate either. The GPU processor isn't slowing down or disabling units dynamically and it's not based on speed... It's based on usage of a capacity. It's more like if you had a washer and if you fill it up all the way beyond the top 1/8 of the washer tub, the overall RPMs on one...
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    HardOCP looking into the 970 3.5GB issue?

    1. No. Performance is performance is performance. 2. Because comparing the wrong specs against bad source data would not send up any red flags! The team responsible for feeding the incorrect data to review sites was also the one responsible for checking it on review sites against their provided...